The number of taxis plying around San Salvador is almost equal to the number of people living in this city, which in addition to being the capital, is the most populous in the country with about two million people.

The press often uses these drivers to move to sports venues, a phenomenon that can sometimes resemble Fast and Furious films due to the number of events that overlap and therefore force reporters and photographers to move around in the footage. time from one place to another.

The cuscatlecos taxi drivers, mostly friendly and talkative people, are very colorful characters who turn every transfer into an adventure. With them, you will learn about local news, places to visit before leaving, about household customs and even some sports results if you are lucky enough to meet a fan of this world. The only problem with these gentlemen is orientation.

Let me explain in detail: one hundred percent of private porters in the city use the global positioning system, known throughout the world under the acronym GPS. You ask them where you want to go and they immediately look up your location on a map so they know which route to take. At first, this seems to be an effective method, like many others with the support of technology. However, this also causes more tangles than usual.

For example: it may happen that the program chooses a shorter path in terms of distance, but due to traffic jams, it turns out to be longer than Ulysses’ Odyssey on the way to Ithaca. However, this is not the worst example.

One of the most surreal moments a visitor finds is when there are several places in the GPS database with similar names. So, the one with the name as close as possible to the ideal destination is chosen and the driver’s experience is trusted as plan B, but it turns out that despite the fact that this place is much smaller than Havana, to give a famous example, many gentlemen behind the wheel have created a complete addiction from an electronic card.

Fortunately, there are still people in San Salvador who have a “natural” GPS. The kindness of such a street cartographer saves from being late for the place where the medal will be determined. After all, the best way to get to Rome is to ask.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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