A tough test for athletics

The fact that Cuban athletics is not going through the best period is a reality that we have assumed for quite some time. The absence of world-class greats, as well as the fact that the roster is made up of mostly newcomers in several competitions, makes their mission after the podium during these Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador in 2023 very difficult.

At the Jorge Magico González National Stadium, athletes from the Greater Antilles will first try to add another experience to their careers, while looking for medals that will not only help the delegation, but also add new milestones to its still young palmaris.

Competing at the closing today was the 2019 Lima Pan American high jump champion Luis Enrique Zayas, one of the top names on the island at the regional fair. The 2016 U-20 World Champion also had a great European campaign during which he jumped 2.31 meters, no doubt he is a top candidate in his modality. In addition, he arrives with the aim of surpassing what was done in Barranquilla 2018, when he was barely sixth with a record of 2.19.

Also on the edge of this tournament, Leyanis Perez competed in the long jump final with a big chance of winning the Aliron. In addition to this modality, the girl will definitely compete for a medal in the triple, a test in which the gold seems to be destined for the Venezuelan Yulimar Rojas, world record holder and current champion of almost every elite tournament that we can imagine right now. .

Another couple of real medal chances on this opening day, which were in dispute at the time of this writing, were Juan Carly Vazquez in the men’s pool (m) and the 4×100 medley relay where Leonardo Castillo and Yoandis Lesky were the start along with two runners who could be Roxanne Gomez, Lisnady Veitia and Rose Marie Almansa.

Later, Silinda Morales could win in the women’s disc (f). The pitcher, queen of the youth world and bronze under 20, has a pitch of 65.06 meters, signed on June 14 in Castellón, Spain, from which we can predict at least a place in the top three in her discipline. Everything will depend on how that day comes and on the sequence of shots that can be fired.

Mikel Massot, Olympic bronze medalist in the long jump, will try to pay tribute to her growth spurts, although it won’t be easy. Next to him will be current youth runner-up Alejandro Parada, who has gained experience on the other side of the Atlantic and could take advantage of the opportunity to make the leap in quality that is currently required of him.

Throughout the games, there are also medal chances for Ronald Mencia in the hammer (m), Mario Diaz in the discus throw (m), Lescay and Gomez in the 400 m sprint for men and women respectively, in addition to Almanza in 800 for women.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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