Winning with six hands

Cuba absolutely dominated the podium in the 25m Rapid Shooting thanks to a stellar performance from Jorge Felix Alvarez, Jorge Grau and Leuris Pupo, who not only did a one-two-three – only two awarded by Centro Caribe Sports rules – in the individual event, but they dominated in a collective event with astonishing certainty.

It all started this Sunday at the Jorge Magico González Stadium shooting range, with two Jorges in the lead in the first round of the qualifying round (Alvarez with 284 points and Grau with 283 points) and Pupo (14th with 258 points) had to fight against the current due to a technical problem with his pistol that caused him to lose up to 30 points.

However, this Monday morning, the Holguín man honored his monarch record and Olympic subtitle and recovered, adding a total of 293 units, while his colleagues Alvarez (287) and Grau (279) were second and fifth. in that order to win the tag team title.

Shortly thereafter, in the individual final, things got a little rough for the Greater Antilles trio, but they eventually found a rhythm and ended up leaving Mexican Fidencio Gonzalez (17), Venezuelan Douglas Gomez (14) and Salvadoran Jorge Pimentel (8) . ).

With the title on their side, the Cubans dedicated themselves to enjoying the bout and in the end gold went to Jorge Felix (27) and silver went to Grau (25) with Pupo third (22) and bronze went to awarded (again due to unfair CCS regulation) to a Mexican applicant.

I will win when all three of us win. There I stopped competing and just completed the rest. I am very happy when the three of us reach the final, because I know that the medal will go to Cuba.

Pupo had some unfavorable competitors early on, but is big and rallied. It is unfair that he, the best shooter in the country in this competition, did not receive a medal.

“Grau is another one of a kind. He is a versatile athlete and performs well in all sports. He stands out for his discipline, intelligence and talent. I am honored to team up with him and with Leuris, and it gives me strength for the future, ”said champion Alvarez.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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