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Cuba in the 24th. Central American and Caribbean Games (July 2)


With a headline-grabbing fight to get the 18 representatives on the podium they brought to these games in the same number of named divisions, the Cuban delegation present in El Salvador continued their journey this Saturday at the Central Caribbean event for more than a week after the fair opened.

Wrestling has now added four titles and two bronze medals, making the sport a driving force for Cuba in the competition.

Among the good news of the day were also the gold and silver received in sailing after 17 years without a podium in Central America.

Anisli Garcia also received a bronze medal in the one meter springboard diving, and a somewhat sad note, though equally applauded and well received, was the decision of the Games Organizing Committee to award baseball gold to the Mexican team. having played the final of the fight, since this last game, in which the Cubans and Mexicans were supposed to meet, had to be interrupted due to inclement weather.

This Sunday, Cuba is looking forward to discussing the title in men’s volleyball against the Dominican Republic and debuting in athletics, whose first scheduled finals are in March and the half marathon.

Rolando Hernandez of Guantanamo will take part in the 20km walk test.

There will also be shooting, fencing, archery, badminton, 3×3 basketball, cycling, diving, handball, rhythmic gymnastics and water polo events.

Stay tuned for details in this special report. Jr.

Cuban men’s volleyball team is the champion of Central America

The Cuban men’s volleyball team became the champions of Central America by beating the Dominican Republic in three sets in the final held at the Palacio de los Deportes, Carlos El Famoso.

The students of Nicolás Vives won the first and second sets with the same score of 25-17. Then in the third they prevailed 25-22.

Cuba’s most outstanding player was Jesús Herrera, who scored nine points on offense.

Alejandro Parra and Leandro Marcos brought Cuba a third bronze medal at the Central American and Caribbean Games.

Alejandro Parra and Leandro Marcos brought Cuba a third bronze medal at these Central American and Caribbean Games, this time in Madison.

The Criollos scored 46 points in the demanding test, trailing only duos from Mexico (77) and Colombia (53).

With this medal, the second for Parra in San Salvador, Cuban track cycling is saying goodbye to the tournament tied for fourth place with Venezuela, both with three bronze medals. On the island, the women in the team pursuit, Parra in the omnium, and now the men’s duo in Madison have made it to the podium.

Mexico (9-1-2) has confirmed its regional power, followed by Colombia (2-10-2) and Trinidad and Tobago (1-1-1). (According to Cubadebate)

The Cuban men’s field hockey team finished the group stage of the tournament without defeat

The Cuban men’s field hockey team beat Guyana 5-3 and finished the group stage of the tournament undefeated. Now our team will face Mexico in one of the semi-finals, while Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago will look for another place in the final.

Cuba beat Venezuela in men’s handball

The Cuban men’s handball team defeated the Venezuelan team (30:20) in the group stage match, which was held at the Don Bosco multifunctional gym in San Salvador.

The first 30 minutes ended with a hug on the scoreboard (9-9), and in the second half of the hour the Cubans were superior in various orders of play (21-11). (According to Cubadebate)

Hugo Franco was second in his round for the recurve bow.

Goalkeeper Hugo Franco finished second in his round of recurve archery with a total of 669 points in the disciplinary tournament of the 24th Central American and Caribbean Games held at the Ciudad Merliot training ground.

In the same test, Cubans Juan José Santisteban and Javier Alejandro Vega scored 644 and 641 points to finish 10th and 11th.

Meanwhile, Omar Sabido finished in 26th place with 650 stripes in the modality of connections.

Among women, Mailena Sardui scored 606 points for ninth place, while Yaylin Paredes placed 16th with 562 points and Liduveinis Siera placed 21st for a total of 532 points, all in recurve bow.

Aismari Brejo ranked 23rd with 654 units in the specialty of compounding.

In the mixed recurve, Cuba finished fourth with 1275. In that competition, Mexico, Colombia and El Salvador were first with 1340, 1312 and 1278 in that order. (According to Cubadebate)

Cubans Hugo Franco and Maidenia Sarduy will discuss the bronze medal

Cubans Hugo Franco and Maidenia Sardui will discuss the bronze medal in the mixed recurve archery team in the Central American and Caribbean Games San Salvador 2023 archery.

They lost in a tie-break in the semi-finals against Mexico.

Renier Quintanilla was seventh with 138.8 points.

In the 10m air rifle final at the Jorge National Stadium. Magic Gonzalez, Renier Quintanilla just finished seventh with 138.8 points.

Photo: Abel Rojas Barallobre

10m air rifle final coming soon

In just a few minutes, Cuban Renier Quintanilla will be in the finals of the 10m air rifle shooting competition, which will be held at the shooting range of the Jorge “Majico” González National Stadium.

Photo: Abel Rojas Barallobre

Anisli Garcia’s statement after yesterday’s bronze medal

Anisli Garcia placed third in the one meter springboard diving with a score of 241.65.

Enisli’s bronze improves on the fourth place she placed in the previous edition of the Central Caribbean Battle, held in coffee-growing lands.

Athletics starts with a kick

Athletics at the San Salvador 2023 Central American Games kick off in style with a record half marathon event.

Guatemalan Alberto González, now running under the banner of Centro Caribe Sports, set a new record for the men’s event by winning the race in a time of 1:03:50.

Photo: taken from Caribe Sport Center Twitter profile

Inder President Osvaldo Vento Montiller congratulated sports journalists on their day

Inder President Osvaldo Vento Montiller congratulated sports journalists on their day.

The manager wrote on his personal Twitter account: “Happy International Sports Journalist Day, congratulations from #InderCuba to their professionals in our country.

Thank you for bringing people closer to what’s happening in this sector, like now with JCC #SanSalvador2023.”

JR congratulates all sports journalists

On July 2, we honor social communications professionals dedicated to informing the world of sports.

The creation of this event in 1995 was initiated by International Sports Press Association (AIPS)during the World Congress in Quebec. The date chosen was 2 June to commemorate the creation of said association.

It’s not just about news or sporting events. A sports journalist contributes to the popularization of sports as a topic of a general educational and cognitive nature, the popularization of sports habits that affect people’s health.

Jr congratulates and celebrates this day with the gallery of our Abel Rojas, Special Envoy to San Salvador 2023.

This is how the medal table blooms on this day

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