Chimes in Mondeville

Young Cuban triple jumper Leyanis Perez has once again demonstrated the reason for the praise that falls upon her at every sporting meeting. The woman from Pinar del Río, who could have a great future thanks to her physical and technical abilities if she made the most of her virtues, also gives great hopes to the fans of the island. This Wednesday she took first place. place at the meeting of Mondeville, France, with a stretch of 14.48 meters (m).

There, Cuba did it one-two as her compatriot Liadagmis Povea finished the competition in second position thanks to a jump of 14.39m achieved on her fourth vault. Tugba Danismaz from Turkey finished third with 14.12m, her best result of the season. Leyanis, by the way, broke the record of meeting Mondeville.

With regard to the Cuban invasion of France, two aspects should be emphasized: firstly, the competitive activity at the beginning of the year on the indoor track should be the impetus for achieving the best form in the most important competitions of the year. , considering that both are favorites to receive
medals in regional all-around and World Cup finalists; second, despite Lejanis’ success, Povea’s succession was better.

Liadagmis kept his stability in France at over 14.25m. His participation included two attempts at 14.27m and one at 14.36m in addition to the 14.39m that earned him the silver medal. Perez’s second best is 14.32m. Still, without being overly prominent brands, both have shown their credentials and should add inches as the calendar progresses.

Meanwhile, at the meeting in Torun, Poland, long jumper Maikel Massot took third on the podium with a jump of 7.84m, a far cry from extra-class Greek Miltiadis Tentoglou’s 8.40m and Sweden’s Tobias’ 8.17m. Montler, and identical to those achieved by the American Marquis Dandy, although Santiago’s second best attempt brought him bronze.

At the Beskidska Latka meeting in the Czech Republic on Monday, high jumper Luis Enrique Zayas moved up to first place with 2.26m, confirming his intention to clear the 2.30m required to qualify for the championship. in Budapest, Hungary in August.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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