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On the day when the Agricultores offense was at its most abundant, although 12 hits were barely expressed in three series, the defense spoiled the Pythagorean hope of the Cuban team, which, with a 3–4 loss to Indios de Mayaguez, was completely eliminated from the World Series. Caribbean.

Carlos Martí made several changes to the squad and not only in order, but also gave a game to Carlos Benitez (4-1) and Alexkemer Sanchez (2-2), each of whom scored one goal.

Right-hander Cesar Garcia got off to a good start again. Photos: Calixto n. plains

Once again, the tandem of Cesar Garcia (6.0 INN, 2CL, 7H, 3K) and Andy Vargas (2.2 INN, 3H, 2K and 3BB) kept control of the game, but a mistake late in the ninth with two strikeouts and a narrow lead opened the door to Puerto’s exciting comeback – Rico.

Andy undeservedly goes into the books as a loser when his work should have been rewarded with his second jousting victory, but small games are usually decided by a home run or a miss, and in this case it was the latter.

It was the Eastern Centaurs’ fifth consecutive loss in the Caribbean Classic, three in a row one round behind, and they remain alone in last place with a 1-5 balance with just one competitive date remaining. .

Yordanis Alarcon went 3-4 and since being released from the third shift he has gone 7-6 while his brother Yosvani remained scoring (4-2) and Yunieski Lardue had two hits in three at-bats.

In his final outing on the pitch, Agricultores will face Federales de Chiriqui, Panama’s representative, the victim of Mexico’s leader on Tuesday with a score of 2-1.

By what happened to Cuba at this tournament, as I said in a previous article, one should not judge the team sent. They were almost without reinforcements and, more importantly, in my opinion: the need for a league that is essentially elite, and not just in name, is confirmed.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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