Janiela Forgas and her ambitious goals

Yaniela Forgas from Santiago suffered only one defeat in the second round against Katherine Kaslan of Suriname in the recently completed qualifying chess tournament for the Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador (June 23-July 8). That setback did not detract from her near-perfect performance at the tournament, held virtually across the Tornelo platform at the capital’s Havana Libre Hotel, after racking up nine successes – seven in a row – and a draw that left her with 9.5 points in the first position of the women’s group.

The performance of the reigning champion of the country joined the performance of Yerisbel Miranda from Pinar del Rio (six units), which allowed our country to lead the group standings with 15.5 points and confidently win one of the tickets to the regional fair. from Camagüey and Luis Ernesto Quesada from Ciego de Ávila imitated in the men’s section.

rebellious youth talked to Janiela, who assured that she was very happy when she was informed that she would be one of the two Cubans selected to participate in the next Central American and Caribbean Games, also because women’s chess on the island has an equal level among were its main indicators were evaluated, in addition to the fact that its outstanding results in the previous year were evaluated. He saw this opportunity as a big challenge, but that’s what the sport is all about, he explained, setting new goals for himself, sacrificing himself.

“Thank God, everything went well during the tournament, it was a mixture of fun and the desire to play my best chess. Even though we were almost confident in San Salvador, in my case I always had that winning spirit so as not to disappoint my fans. I really appreciate this mutual understanding with the people who support me.

“As for how the event went, through the platform OnlineTo be honest, I will always bet on head-to-head games, it’s nothing more than being in front of an opponent and there’s a board in between. So everything depends on one thing, but otherwise there is a lot of tension with the Internet, it’s something inexplicable. At any moment, a technological problem can arise and lose the game,” Forgas admitted, realizing the great responsibility he will bear in the capital of El Salvador, where Antillean chess will arrive with great expectations, in the debut of this discipline in the regional multiplatform. -sport’s event.

The 31-year-old will defend her crown from today as the women’s national championship final kicks off in Camagüey. She will later travel to Spain to compete in several preparatory tournaments ahead of the Women’s Continental Championships, which will be held in Cuba in May in parallel with the Capablanca International Memorial. His main goal in this fight is to qualify for the World Championship.

“As I said, after becoming a grandmaster, my goal is to reach 2400 Elo points and compete for the title of international master (IM) regardless of gender, which requires much more preparation, and based on this I will work.” , finished.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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