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Having lost for the fourth time in a row, Agricultores de Cuba continues to sink to the bottom of the Greater Caracas 2023 Caribbean Series classification. Just like on Sunday against Mexico, Colombia defeated them this Monday by a narrow margin.

There were those who thought they would not recover from Saturday’s beating when Leones de Caracas beat them with a hit record (25) and a huge 20-3 score, one of the most disproportionate in the history of this regional classic. But the guys came out the next day convinced that one game is not like another.

Against Cañeros de los Mochis (5–6) and Vaqueros de Monteria (4–5), the Elite League Champions (LEBC) team was one round away from a draw. The innings lasted longer than his diminished international resume predicted, but the attack was still not enough. So far, there is not a single game in which they would land a dozen hits.

If we compare our salary with others, the difference is noticeable. It is transparent, like water flowing from the mountains. Other teams represent their league more than their club, and that was not the philosophy of Cuban baseball directors for this edition.

It was said from the beginning that the LEBC champion would go with minor adjustments, and it came true. The yield in the Caribbean series matches the capabilities (and even more) of the mediocre serve and the inability of the bench to handle difficult situations in offense.

Agricultores is doing their best, using the same tools and tactical options used in domestic championships, where mistakes in the fundamentals of the game tend to go unnoticed.

I agree with Prof. José Manuel Cortina that the main problem of our teams is adaptation. We play a league at home against ourselves, while others almost always involve athletes from different countries and schools, whose pitchers are always – and I insist: always – exceed the average speed of ours and their repertoire is also wider.

It is unfortunate that not only the result of the team is at stake, but also the history of the country in the tournament, the founder of which he was and one of the main winners in its first stage. In almost all interviews, rivals praised Cuban baseball.

Despite the losses, I acknowledge the efforts of the Farmers in the tournament, saving what happened against the hosts. Neither Carlos Martí nor his guys should be subjected to excessive criticism.

The Caribbean Series should not be viewed as a prize or tourist tournament. It seems like a truism, but not understanding it in this way is worth a lot. For incentives, one has to look for other options, less competitive and more “walking”.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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