Pino wins Zagreb Open gold

Oscar Pino, a Greco-Roman 130kg representative, completed the Cuban performance with a gold medal during the final date of the Open Tournament in Zagreb, Croatia, the first of four Ranked Series tournaments organized by United World Wrestling. this year 2023.

Pino got his start in the tournament with a powerful demonstration in the round of 16 against Uzbekistan’s Under-20 World Bronze Champion Temurbek Nasimov last year, which he dominated 8-0.

He then eliminated Finland’s Matti Elias Kusmanen and Iran’s Amir Mohammadali, who won bronze at Tokyo 2020, with the same result, and then went to meet Oscar Marvik of Norway, an old acquaintance with whom he shared several training bases.

In the final match, the capital resident convincingly beat the Nordic and thanks to check with a 7-1 score, he managed to win his second title this year after the one he won at the Henri Deglane Grand Prix in Nice, France.

This Saturday, the Olympic champion of the classical form Luis Alberto Horta (67 kg) won bronze at the fair, which takes place in the capital of Croatia.

Horta, also from the capital, beat the Finn Elmer Joakim Mattila (4-2) and took third place. Earlier in the first round, he defeated the Indian Singh Karanjit (9-1), in the 1/8 finals he beat the tough Azerbaijani Hasrat Jafarov (5-1), and in the quarterfinals he defeated the Iranian Seyyed Sohrabi (6-2). ) before falling in the semi-final against China’s Huxiyuetu Huxiyuetu (13-4).

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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