Peru’s congress again rejects request to postpone elections to 2023

With 75 votes against, the Peruvian congress rejected on Thursday an opinion calling for a general election and a referendum to convene a Constituent Assembly by the middle of this year, according to Telesur.

An initiative put forward by the Peru Libre party, which nominated Pedro Castillo for president in the 2021 elections, received just 48 votes in favor, 75 against and one abstention, far from the 87 required for approval.

Peru Libre tried to schedule presidential and legislative elections for the second Sunday in July 2023, as well as hold a referendum for the population to approve or reject the call for a Constituent Assembly.

The promotion of elections and the creation of a new Magna Carta, as well as the resignation of President-designate Dina Boluarte, the closing of the Congress and the release of Castillo are the demands of various Peruvian social groups that have been on display since last year. December, when the president was removed and imprisoned.

The harsh police crackdown on the protests resulted in over 60 deaths and hundreds of injuries and arrests.

Last Wednesday, the Peruvian parliament (54 votes in favor, 68 against and two abstentions) rejected a submitted draft to postpone the by-elections to December 2023.

A legislative initiative by the executive branch led by Boluarte to hold presidential and parliamentary elections next October is under consideration as a way out of the crisis that the country has been experiencing since December last year.

This Thursday the peaceful mobilization against the Boluart government continued, especially in several provinces of the country.

TeleSUR Peru’s Lucas Aguayo reported that in Lima, “about 500 people were at the Palais des Justices who called themselves to demonstrate against the government of Dina Boluarte and demanded her resignation.”

In Cusco, in the southeast of the country, the population went on a total strike, with blockades of access roads and the mobilization of various delegations of peasant communities, calling for the resignation of Boluarte and the closure of the Congress.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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