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Italians confirm support for Cuba at meeting with Antonio Guerrero


ROME, 17 February. – Hero of the Republic of Cuba Antonio Guerrero, who is in Rome today, met with members of the Italian solidarity organizations, who confirmed their support for the revolutionary process in this Caribbean country.
At an event held at the headquarters of the VII municipality of this capital, Cuban Ambassador to Italy Mirta Granda stressed the importance of the evening, as it provided an opportunity to learn about the experiences and ideas of one of the five Cuban anti-terrorist militants unjustly imprisoned for many years in USA.

Granda thanked those present for their participation, as well as the leadership of Municipality VII for facilitating this conversation with Guerrero, current President of the National Union of Architects and Engineers of Cuba.

Guerrero noted that this is his second visit to the European country after a visit in May 2015, shortly after his release last December in the United States, where he remained imprisoned for 16 years, for standing up to real terrorists. who have never been prosecuted were under the control of the government of that country.

He expressed his emotions when he again met with many friends, as well as with many young people who were present at this contact, who are eager to learn more about Cuba, which is of particular importance, since it is they who own the future, so it is important to give them examples, ideas, how He said.

According to him, the story of the five Cuban heroes shows that even in the most difficult conditions, victory is possible, and values, patriotism, and unity in the struggle to achieve the set goals are important to achieve it.

He emphasized Cuba’s right to be protected from the constant aggression of the United States and its minions, and described the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States government against his country as one of the worst acts of genocide against any person in the history of mankind.

The Cuban hero pointed out that the goal of himself and Washington’s overall current brutal policy towards this small island is to try to destroy the Cuban socialist model in what it presents as a humanistic and peace-supporting alternative diametrically opposed to capitalist selfishness.

In the introduction to the event, Ricardo Sbordoni, Councilor for Culture of the VII Municipality of Rome, mentioned the high importance of the possibility of an exchange with Guerrero, the hero of the nation, who is an important reference point because of the humanism and solidarity inherent in his revolutionary process.

In this sense, he recalled that in the most difficult moments of the Covid-19 pandemic in this country, when thousands of people were dying, other developed capitalist countries looked the other way, but Cuba did not hesitate for a second to send its doctors. help the Italian city.

The contact was led by Marco Papacci, President of the National Association of Friendship Italy-Cuba (Anaik), and also attended by Alessandro Perri, representative of the Red de los Comunistas, and Professor Luciano Vasapollo, coordinator of the branch in this country of the Network of Intellectuals and Artists for the Defense of Humanity.

Source: Juventud Rebelde



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