Red balloons… I’ll lie to you

Another time a song came to my mind. In this case, it is the Los Mustang group, “I’ll buy you red balloons”, with a slight change in the letters, more adapted to the situation and the goal of the White House and the Pentagon to support a NATO-led war against Russia and with its eye on its other adversary, China: balloons in red, the color associated with communism, and on them: “… I’ll lie to you.” The story of the Chinese fairy tale continues.

US aircraft again fired at unidentified flying objects hovering over the territory of the United States and its northern partner Canada. Now there were three targets, flying at a much lower altitude than the Chinese weather balloon, and although the media pack immediately set the event in motion, mentioning, of course, the version of the threat emanating from Asia, it was not until a few days later that the White House admitted that they were not part of a “Chinese spy program”. These are key terms to sow fear, or at least insecurity, and are used equally for lies and denials, so they fix the idea in the subconscious of the public and in the terminology used by the media, whatever they may be. were. be.

“While we can’t definitively say without looking at the demolition what those objects were, so far, and I’m being careful about this, so far we haven’t seen any indication or anything specifically pointing to the idea that these three sites were part of a (Chinese) spy balloon program or were definitely involved in foreign intelligence gathering efforts,” Homeland Security spokesman John Kirby said at first.

Remember the theory of the teacher Paul Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Public Education and Propaganda of the Nazi Third Reich from 1933 to 1945, “lie, lie, something remains” or another version of his “a lie repeated a thousand times makes it true”. . .

Shortly thereafter, Kirby’s own version underwent a slight change: “One thing we have to take into account, and we think the intelligence community sees as an explanation, is that these could be balloons associated with commercial or research organizations.” and therefore completely safe. .”

And the rebuttal came from the mouth of President Joseph Biden himself: “We still don’t know exactly what these three objects were, but at present there is nothing to indicate that they were associated with the Chinese spy balloon program or that they were surveillance vehicles from some other country.” countries. “…”The intelligence community’s current assessment is that the three sites were likely balloons associated with private companies, recreational or research institutions studying the weather, or conducting other scientific research.”

The hysteria or paranoia that the US government wants to instill or encourage in its citizens has re-shaped itself so that there is no question of multi-billion dollars spent or wasted on armaments instead of solving problems and shortages, real millions. Americans. A bit of information on this: each of the projectiles fired in order to bring down the balloons, as a Chinese meteorological artifact, which he continues to insist on both the “spy” and other “unknown” missiles, AIM-9X missiles, one of which failed, cost more than $450,000.

To top it all off, CNN reported that US intelligence officials said that the “probably Chinese spy balloon” was not deliberately directed to the US mainland, where it was blown away by high winds, as they (US intelligence officials) followed it along its path. traveled across the Pacific and claimed it was intended to guard US military installations in Guam.

The event or accident in this fable prompted the Pentagon to overhaul its systems, in this case NORAD or Northern Surveillance and Defense Command (the US and its Canadian partner). Forgive me for the comment, but if I were Commanding General Glen VanHurke, I would resign. What to expect from the general, who was asked if the downed objects could be of extraterrestrial origin, and he replied: “At the moment I do not exclude anything.” If this were a comedy program on American television, they wouldn’t have to remove the little signs telling viewers how to react in the audience, the laughter would be spontaneous and very natural. This is a farce, ladies and gentlemen.

After that, the command had to adjust their radars so that they could detect and shoot down smaller and slower objects that leaked with the famous Chinese balloon.

But they are so ungrateful that they did not thank China, let alone respectfully apologize. Biden said he didn’t want conflict with China and arrogantly added, “I’m not sorry.”

For the rest, let’s find a lesson. As my grandmother used to say, “Better to catch a liar than a lame man.”

Serious and real. The White House was able to divert attention from the incessant influx of capital into the military industry with weapons destined for Ukraine, its own rearmament, the rearmament of NATO and other partners across the seas and continents; dangerously heating up the situation in that conflict with Russia and bringing it closer to nuclear projectiles, putting all Humanity in serious danger; and increase military presence and exercises in the Asian region, stoking tensions with Beijing.

Suspicious to add: Fog shrouding a train wreck loaded with highly toxic and polluting chemicals in a small town in Ohio (called East Palestine, by the way) that was reported only for what it was transporting more than a week later, although where and where from is unknown he headed, and while denying how this soup can affect the area and its residents immediately, in the medium and long term – the rest of the Americans are unlikely to know about the situation. Ingredients of the mixture?: vinyl chloride, which the authorities decided to release and immediately burn, releasing dangerous gases such as hydrogen chloride and phosgene into the air, as well as transporting ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, ethylhexyl acrylate, isobutylene and butyl acrylate, the last three in wagons that also crashed in accidents.

Of the balloons, Biden has already said, “I’m not sorry” … and White House physician Kevin O’Connor assured, “President Joseph Biden is still a healthy, alert, 80-year-old man who has successfully prepared to carry out the tasks of the president” … There’s a Los Mustang parody playing on my radio.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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