A strange orange sphere has appeared on a beach in Shizuoka, Japan.

TOKYO, 22 February. Residents in Japan’s Shizuoka prefecture woke up in alarm today after images of a metal ball that appeared on a beach in Ensukhama, Hamamatsu city, were released on Tuesday.

The characteristics of the mysterious object have sparked interest in its origins, as well as concerns that it could pose a danger to local residents, according to NHK, the Japanese public broadcaster.

Other media outlets reported that the police had been alerted to the presence of the orb and the first checks were made to rule out the risk in principle. The ball has an approximate diameter of 1.5 meters and after initial checks it was determined that the inside of the ball was hollow and that there was no possibility of it exploding.

Authorities do not rule out that the brown object drifted indefinitely. As a precaution, a fence was put up to keep the curious out. It became known that a citizen living near the beach noticed the object and notified the competent authorities.

According to the source, access to the beach is blocked while the sphere is being inspected by experts. It is not yet clear whether the strange object fell from space or came from the ocean.

Some witnesses on the social networks of the Internet speculate on the alleged alien origin and say that this is not a buoy and if it was a satellite, then it should have been destroyed upon entry into the atmosphere.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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