The world is in a dangerous orbit

February 24 this year marks the one year anniversary of the start of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, which challenges the beleaguered and vast Eurasian state with claims to US unipolar dominance at the head of NATO, the goal of which – absurd and practically impossible – is to erase it from the geopolitical map of the world. .

It is impossible to calculate the human and material losses on both sides of that border between the two Slavic peoples who once lived as brothers. But there are those who consider the capital gains associated with the military industry.

This catastrophic event shocked all regions of the world in an imbalance that lost a lot in the economy, especially as it deepened the crisis, continuing the bad situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which had already paralyzed and devastated the planet. will affect, first of all, the countries and industries most disadvantaged by fate.

These two shocks have increased the number of poor people and shaken the social well-being of the middle class, so popular forces are resurgent, demanding attention to their problems on the streets. They have also contributed to the dark populism of far-right ideologists who have even gained political power in many European countries and are showing their claws in Latin America, while absurd fundamentalisms and tribalism are being vehemently expressed in Africa and the so-called West. , strong feints in the Middle, and in the Middle, and in the Far East.

When we momentarily stop thinking about our most pressing personal issues at home and put them in that context, we ask ourselves: where are they going—or are we going—to take over the world?

This is not an ominous vision. This is just a glimpse of a grim reality, which we are also contributing to with the ever-accelerating destruction of the environment, thanks to the few who bathe in wealth, but who are responsible for all in waste. We are killing the Earth or humanity. We can become the dinosaurs of this age because of our unsteady and erroneous decisions.

However, there is a segment that wins, the smallest in the conglomerate of more than eight billion people living here, who have not known the life-giving meaning of coexistence. win? Their money is multiplied, they squander it lavishly, they protect themselves with armored shopping malls, private islands, luxurious and huge yachts in the middle of the oceans, secret bunkers, spaceship projects and stations in orbit or some suitable moon or planet that should not be affected viruses or nuclear mushrooms.

This is the famous percentage whose ties to the army, weapons and espionage, the media, the pharmaceutical industry, the extraction of fuel and rare metals, pollutants and food not for everyone, feed greed and selfishness. Brazen plutocrats and their atrocities.

And there are those who, with ignorant fury, point their finger at the communists or wonder what socialism is for, calling it “failed”, while hiding the numerous and true phrases by which capitalism imprisons millions. Communists, socialists, progressives, leftists or whatever they call them – or they call us – regardless of whether they are individually believers, agnostics or atheists, are they not true followers of neighborly love, generosity, nobility, altruism, justice ? , the search for abundance for all?, included in various names chosen by the ever-renewing humanity to represent and honor those who seek and do good, be it Christ, Allah, Buddha, Vishnu, Viracocha, 16 Orisha, Marx, Lenin, Bolivar, Marti , Che…

The tossing and squeezing from one side to the other seems to be meant to make the planet lose its shape. US President Joseph Biden travels to Ukraine, hugs Volodymyr Zelensky, announces new funding for the confrontation and assures that “it will not waver”, and arrogantly states: “The democracies of the world have become stronger, not weaker (…). Against the iron will of the United States and the peoples of the world who refuse to accept a world ruled by fear and force, Putin is invading Poland to fuel the destructive fire even further.

To kindle a fire that could burn everything, he also met with the so-called Bucharest Nine, former members of the defunct Warsaw Pact, and now inside NATO, which was also supposed to disappear, but turned out the other way around: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, Hungary , Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania.

For his part, Russian President Vladimir Putin announces a temporary withdrawal from the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, the latest signed with the United States, and claims that Washington wants to maintain hegemony in the world, while NATO openly admits that it wants to defeat Russia. .

“The elites of the West do not hide their ambitions, as they say, and this is a direct quote, to lead Russia to a “strategic defeat”. What does this mean for us? So they want to end us once and for all. So they plan to turn a local conflict into a global confrontation. We understand this and will act accordingly. Because in this case we are talking about the very existence of our country.”

Putin emphasizes: “Russia cannot ignore this. We cannot afford to ignore it.”

Once again, Moscow raises the gauntlet, as if it were a competition between two medieval knights, only now the whole world is armor that will take the blows of the hammer, a premonition of a real catastrophe.

Without trying to find the cause, in the air, in the circles of political scientists, in military barracks and even in family circles, the question – tragic and terrible – to which no one dares to answer, how will the bargaining end?

The integrity of the Zapori NPP is a priority for the international community Photo: Reuters.

The systematic rejection of the Minsk agreements has put the European Union in direct confrontation with the Russian Federation. Photo: AFP.

Turkey’s political mediation has played a decisive role in the issue of food price stability Photo: AFP.

The denial of the Soviet past by Ukrainian society has exacerbated tensions between the two countries Photo: France 24.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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