Cuba nominates candidate for re-election to the Human Rights Council

Mr. President:

By not encouraging a more supportive and cooperative world, inequality, poverty, hunger and exclusion multiply. A tiny minority enjoy an exponential increase in their wealth while the vast majority struggle to survive.

The current patterns of production and consumption are irrational and unsustainable and threaten the existence of humanity.

It is necessary to fight for a just, democratic and equitable international order, at the center of which is the person, the peoples of the world.

The promotion and protection of human rights is a common ideal. No country is immune from challenges, and none of them has the right to consider themselves a model in this matter, judge others, let alone politicize and use them to stigmatize sovereign states and socio-economic projects that do not correspond to the plans of the country of the master of finance, markets and weapons.

The attempts of the imperialists to turn this Human Rights Council into a court against countries that do not obey the geopolitical interests of powerful governments undermine the credibility of this body and seem to be trying to return it to the path of the disappeared Commission on Human Rights, which exploded precisely because of these practices.

Cuba, as a founding member of the Human Rights Council, stands for respectful and constructive dialogue and international cooperation.

We stand for the full application and observance of the principles of universality, indivisibility, objectivity and non-selectivity in the consideration of the subject.

In this spirit, we present our candidacy for re-election as a member of the Human Rights Council in the period 2024-2026 in the elections to be held next October. We thank in advance for the confidence of all those countries that have already provided us with valuable support.

The voice of Cuba will continue to be heard with a universal vision, but from the south, in favor of the legitimate interests of developing countries, the poor, the forgotten and the excluded, based on constructive commitment, responsible dialogue and unwavering responsibility for the full realization of human rights for all.

Mr. President:

The US government is implementing a genocidal blockade policy, extremely intensified and “maximum pressure”, which has put the Cuban economy under extreme stress, which has affected the deterioration in consumption and living standards of families, inflation, prices, wages. , the availability of food and medicine, as well as electricity services; and hits the country’s income, financial transactions, industry, construction, services, trade, investment, health care and education.

The shameful and unjustified inclusion of Cuba on the State Department’s arbitrary list of countries that allegedly sponsor terrorism further exacerbates the difficult situation caused by the blockade and has a devastating effect on our financial system.

US imperialism finances destabilization and “regime change” operations, smearing Cuban international medical cooperation and smear campaigns; it uses powerful toxic technology platforms and encourages censorship and manipulation of large digital networks against Cuba.

This illegal policy deliberately encourages emigration, especially of skilled people of working age.

Cuba faces these attacks every day, joining forces, innovating, with unlimited capacity for resistance and creativity; and progress in inclusive debate, democratic participation, especially of youth; and a fruitful and renewing change of “everything that needs to be changed”.

We continue with a firm and irreversible step to improve the socialist rule of law and social justice, our socialist model of cultural, social and economic development, with the active support of the overwhelming majority of the people of Cuba.

We deeply appreciate the solidarity and international cooperation Cuba receives from all sides.

Mr. President:

In a free and universal referendum in 2019, we adopted a new Constitution by secret ballot of 87% of citizens, which strengthens the guarantees and institutional framework for the protection and promotion of human rights for all Cubans.

The National Program for the Advancement of Women, the Comprehensive Strategy for the Prevention and Combating of Gender-Based Violence in the Family Scenario are being implemented; The National Program against Racism and Racial Discrimination and the new Family Code approved in a referendum with 62% support.

Mr. President:

We will act on the high responsibility assumed by the G-77 presidency plus China in 2023, convinced that a better world is possible if we listen to the voice of our peoples, work for their benefit and defend with courage and determination collective interests. close unity. and the righteous from the south.

Thank you very much

(Taken from CubaMinrex website)

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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