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Cuba and Ethiopia mark the 45th anniversary of the Battle of Karramar


Addis Ababa, 5 March. Ethiopians and Cubans living here today marked the 45th anniversary of the Battle of Karramar, a feat that helped protect Ethiopia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity over the Ogaden Desert from outside expansionist attempts, PL reported.

The Ethiopian-Cuba Friendship Park hosted a celebration of the victory of the combined troops of both countries, which, according to Jorge Lefebre, the Antillean country’s ambassador to Addis Ababa, cemented a deep and lasting friendship with the blood shed on the battlefield. that existed among the Cuban and Ethiopian peoples.

“These were days of hard struggle, sacrifice and deep sadness that so many young Ethiopian and Cuban soldiers fell, but at the same time, Karramara marked the beginning of a wonderful brotherly relationship between Cuba and Ethiopia that has lasted for the past 48 years. “, he commented in his speech.

He recalled the hundreds of doctors, teachers and medical personnel who served in the African country, as well as the thousands of Ethiopians, many of them war orphans, who were trained on the Caribbean island and attended the celebration this Sunday.

“We, as Cubans, are proud that we were able to share this part of history with the Ethiopian people and government, and therefore we are obliged to come here every March 5 to pay our respects to the fallen,” Lefebre said.

Ambassador Eshete Tilahun, Director General for Latin America and Europe of the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, thanked Cuba for its unwavering support for his country, highlighted the sacrifice and support of the Caribbean troops during the Battle of Karramar, which is a real show of international solidarity. .

He emphasized a relationship of respect and cooperation for 48 years with the Antillean nation, which he called a sister in the Caribbean.

Floral offerings were placed at the foot of two murals depicting portraits, printed on bronze plaques, of 163 Cuban fighters who fell fighting in the park, popularly known as the Tiglachin Monument (Our Struggle in Amharic).

Several speakers also stressed the importance of Carramara’s victory, expressed their respect for the fallen and their admiration for Cuban altruism. Achieved on March 5, 1978, this success against the Somali occupation was critical to the restoration of the border and the defense of the country’s sovereignty.

Source: Juventud Rebelde



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