Qin Gang questions US hegemonic interests

BEIJING, 7 March. Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang blamed the US for rising tensions between the two countries and said that if the White House does not change course, there will be “conflict and confrontation,” RT reported.

“US perceptions and views of China are seriously skewed. He sees China as his main rival and major geopolitical challenge. […]. As a result, US policy towards China has completely deviated from a rational and reasonable path,” the Foreign Minister said on Tuesday during a press conference held as part of the first session of the 14th convocation. National People’s Assembly.

The US claims to seek to outdo China by competing, Qin said, but their so-called “competition” means, in truth, “containment and suppression of China in every way” and locking the two countries in a game that does not generate profit for anyone.

The Chinese minister blamed Washington for worsening relations in general, citing in particular the shooting down of an alleged Chinese spy balloon flying over US airspace, as well as tensions around Taiwan.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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