Trump’s new political scheme

Fun theater or circus, either one is suitable for Donald Trump, a former president who refuses to be a controversial page in history and insists on stirring up the White House.

He could be arrested this Tuesday as part of a New York trial in which Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg presented his plea to a grand jury considering a $130,000 settlement of adult movie star Stormy Daniels. of the 2016 presidential election and violating campaign finance rules, as this and other payments would mean women would go silent saying they had an affair with Trump.

Or perhaps the warning from the current residents of Mar-a-Lago is a false game with double intent. On the one hand, being in the headlines, a ploy that allowed him to sit in the presidency for free in 2016; and on the other side of the coin thrown into the air, to sow confusion among his fanatical followers so that they unbalance the incumbent president and the rival Democratic Party. Either way, or both, seek candidacy with the goal of returning to Washington in 2024.

In Truth Social, the network, which was invented and publicly launched on the Apple App Store on February 21, 2022 by Trump Media & Technology Group, stirred up Trump’s hornet’s nest against New York authorities, writing: “Protest, take back our nation.” !”, which immediately prompted the idea of ​​the storming of the Capitol by the far-right on January 6, 2021, which put American “democracy” in crisis.

Of course, the alarm also served as a response from Attorney Bragg, who said the agency would not back down from its investigation in the face of Trump’s threatening speech: “We will not tolerate attempts to intimidate our agency or threaten the rule of law. in New York,” he wrote.

Just in case, the NYPD is monitoring the situation and preparing with security measures for any outbreak of violence if Trump is indicted and has to face trial in the Big Apple, where he appears to be one of the worms that rot the most. the famous metropolis of the USA

But you have to admit to Donald Trump that he knows about racketeering, intrigue and subterfuge. He must be a master at something, in which case he puts Trumpism on the nose ahead of other runners in the path of American politicking. It is a pity for strong people who are always deceived by any political machinations.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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