Russia and China: anti-hegemonic alliance

MOSCOW, March 20. — The 12-point peace plan proposed by China to find a political solution to the conflict over Ukraine will be analyzed during the visit of the President of the Asian giant Xi Jinping to Russia.

While the issue was unofficially expected to take a place in their dialogues, this was confirmed by Russian President Vladimir Putin himself during an informal meeting with his Chinese counterpart on Monday, shortly after the guest’s arrival in Moscow, an official stay that follows his ratification as head of state. .

The President of Russia said that he had familiarized himself with the peace plan presented by Beijing and said that the document would be discussed during the visit. “Russia is always open to the negotiation process and respects the Chinese plan for Ukraine,” Putin said, quoted by Russia Today.

At the beginning of his speech, Putin praised the economic and political system of the Asian country and expressed the opinion that China follows “the principles of justice and the fundamental principles of international law.”

For its part, Xi Jinping called Putin “dear friend,” the ministry said and assured that his country pays great attention to the development of relations between the two peoples, since this has its own “historical logic.”

China and Russia, he recalled, are the largest neighboring countries and also “partners in all-round strategic cooperation,” which means that there should be “close relations” between the two countries.

No one loses sight of the importance of these meetings of the leaders of the two nations, which became a counterbalance to the unilateral and hegemonic position of the United States after the disappearance of so-called European socialism.

This role was claimed by Xi Jinping, stating that within the framework of their international strategic cooperation, both countries “should, on the one hand, achieve the goal of ensuring justice and equality in the world, and on the other hand, promote the development of prosperity” of both parties during the process.

The Chinese President said that his country is ready, together with Russia, to defend the international system based on multipolarity in the world, as well as the democratization of international relations.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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