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Support for the Anti-Corruption Process in Venezuela


CARACAS, March 21st. — The Supreme Court (TSJ) and the Comptroller General of Venezuela expressed their support for the government’s anti-corruption efforts, and after President Nicolás Maduro announced his desire to dismember what he described as an entrenched corruption mafia in Venezuela’s political and administrative apparatus following investigations, the preliminary results of which were obtained between October and November last year.

In a statement released on Monday evening, the TSJ expressed the unanimous will of its authorities to determine, in coordination with the competent institutions, the liability that may arise in the face of actions that violate the postulates that govern the actions of public servants, the PL said.

The Supreme Court also expressed its determination to always act in accordance with the Constitution and the law, accompany all actions of state and people’s power within the framework of due process and the rule of law, and ensure the proper functioning of the administration. justice.

A statement signed by Attorney General Tarek William Saab on Monday announced the appointment of five national prosecutors with full competence in matters of corruption, organized crime and human rights.

In support of this process, the Inspectorate General made itself known in a statement giving “unlimited support” to the government for “bold actions” to combat these events and to everyone who appears “wherever they come from”, as Maduro said. announced.

Comptroller General Elvis Amoroso announced the appointment of Directors General of the Office of the Comptroller General to cooperate with the executive branch in the actions taken, and, as
As a result, several civil servants from various fields have already been arrested, the ministry said.

The National Anti-Corruption Police of Venezuela on Friday began filing a request with the prosecutor’s office to prosecute a group of people who may be involved in serious administrative corruption and embezzlement.

Also, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSV), in the voice of its first vice-president Diosdado Cabello, expressed absolute support for the government in investigating corruption, reports Russia Today.

“PSUV is taking the lead in fighting the scourge of corruption of whatever vice that may arise,” he said.

During an extended working meeting of the party’s Politburo on Monday, Maduro called for the unity of the revolutionary forces and the people to fight corruption and reaffirmed his government’s upright position in the face of this scourge.

Maduro confirmed that his leadership has taken a vertical, frontal, absolute stance in the fight against corruption, the corrupt and those who steal, “Wherever they come from, they believe what they believe,” he said, according to PL.

The head of state noted that he personally led this difficult process, together with the Public Ministry, all bodies and political command, in order to deliver this first powerful blow to the bandits, and emphasized the absolute will and determination to go to the root itself, RT said.

After receiving all the evidence and demonstrating clear and direct responsibilities, the Anti-Corruption Police proceeded with the arrest and handed over the evidence to the prosecutor’s office so that they complete the investigation and punish these acts of mafia, banditry and corruption in an exemplary manner.

According to him, the first discoveries provided important clues to the workings of these mafiosi, who have infiltrated Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), the National Crypto Assets Authority and related activities, as well as other cases, such as the sale of sentences. for judges.

Maduro pointed out that important businessmen, managers, high-ranking government officials and deputies were captured and asked that the legal framework be respected in order to guarantee the triumph of truth, because no one will prevent this mafia from being punished in this first operation.

In order to “support, accompany and support” this process, Venezuelan Oil Minister and Deputy Economy Minister Tarek El Aissami resigned.

On his Twitter account, El Aissami said the decision was made “because of ongoing investigations into serious acts of corruption” at the state-owned Petroleos de Venezuela.

“I place myself at the disposal” of the leadership of the United Socialist Party to support this crusade launched by President Nicolás Maduro against the anti-values ​​that we must fight, even at the cost of our lives,” he said.

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