Tragedy in Nashville sparks gun controversy again

WASHINGTON, March 28. “The murder of three children and three adults in a school shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, shocks its residents and revives the gun control debate in the United States,” PL notes.

Shooter Audrey Elizabeth Hale, 28, showed up in Monday’s primary with two assault rifles and a handgun and carried out a targeted attack that included pre-planning, according to law enforcement officials.

This gives this crime a different character from other crimes committed in American schools, when the main actors were for the most part the students of the schools themselves.

During the attack, the perpetrator was killed by the police. According to Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief John Drake, “drawn” maps of the Covenant School were found out of it, detailing how it would operate.

As he explained, Hale received at least two weapons legally, and after a search was carried out in his house, two shotguns and other evidence were seized, the office said.

The police source also said that the three students killed, two girls and one boy, were nine years old, and three adults were employees of the institution, including the director and two other employees.

The note notes that yesterday’s six-victim shooting was the school’s deadliest since the attack in Uvalde, Texas last May that left 21 people dead.

This is the 19th event of its kind at a school or university in 2023, according to CNN news network. In all of them, at least one person was injured.

Nashville Mayor John Cooper believed that because of the tragedies of this kind, the “cult of weapons” should not be celebrated in the country.

The OpenSecrets analysis cited by PL confirms that in 2022, gun advocacy groups spent more than $13 million on actions aimed at influencing United States lawmakers, while violence using these devices is on the rise.

GunOwners of America, for example, uncovered a record $3.3 million in federal lobbying over the past year to stop 162 federal bills by 2022, according to this report.

Those interested in stricter gun regulation are also being held back by persistent demands from groups protecting their use in the face of any new legislation aimed at limiting their presence in society.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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