Peru Libre promotes presidential vacancy

LIMA, 29 March. — The presidential vacancy, a tool of the Congress that has already removed three Peruvian leaders from power, hangs over the head of Dina Boluarte, who was widely condemned for human rights violations during her tenure.

This Thursday, the legislature will be presented with a proposal proposed by the Perú Democrático, Cambio Democrático and Perú Libre parties, with which the appointed head of state was associated before her betrayal by the deposed Pedro Castillo.

While those political groups are not expected to have the 52 votes needed for the legislature to allow a debate on the vacancy, Peru Libre spokesman Flavio Cruz warned that his bench would persist until the proposal was passed and approved.

The text calls Boluart a moral failure to remain in office and textually states that “this is more than a technical or legal decision, it is a political decision that must be taken from reality (…): the death of 44 citizens during the government of Dina Boluarte Zegarra represents constitutes a serious moral incompetence (…)”.

The request also states that “never in the history of Peru has a government, in such a short time, killed more than 40 people in demonstrations (…)”.

Perhaps not even against Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, Martin Vizcarra or Pedro Castillo, who were eliminated by Congress due to the vacancy of the presidency, the demonstration was as constant as those that questioned the presence of Boluarte at the head of the executive branch.

The request for an election is one of the demands mobilized along with an end to the repression, the resignation of the president and the release of Castillo.

Boluarte tried to agree to advance the electoral process, but on several occasions the proposal was not supported in Congress, as the progressive parties ask that a Constituent Assembly be convened along with the elections; This is the only option they see as a real way out of the Peruvian political crisis.

Although the official figure is forty deaths as a result of police and military actions, various sources, including human rights organizations in Peru, speak of 60 and even 70 deaths.

Public opinion was shocked last week by the death of 22-year-old Rosalino Flores, who was wounded in Cusco and died in the capital 62 days later after being hit in the back by 36 metal balls, many of which had perforated their organs and could not be removed.

Eight national police generals, including two senior officers, were removed from their posts last week for involvement in the crackdown, but this is unlikely to lead to wider popular acceptance of Boluarte’s mandate.

A poll by the Institute of Peruvian Studies, published on the 26th, showed that just 15 percent of citizens support Boluarte and 6 percent support Congress.

As if that weren’t enough, prosecutors have just announced the inclusion of the President in the investigation of former President Pedro Castillo and businessman Henry Shumabukuro into a criminal organization based on the presumption that they committed acts of corruption by accepting illegal money for their campaigns.

The move comes as part of an extension by the Ministry of Public Affairs of an investigation into left-wing politician Vladimir Cerrón, the founder and head of Peru Libre, and the party itself on suspicion of money laundering, Telesur reported.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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