China is betting on a common future

At a press conference, Chinese Ambassador to Cuba Ma Hui touched on four issues that are considered important for international relations and the socio-political and economic development of his country: Honduras’ recognition of the one China policy, the recent meeting between Presidents Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, the importance of democratic processes and modernization China.

There is only one China in the world, and Taiwan is an integral part of it, which was approved in 1971 by the United Nations, the diplomat said, commenting on the March 26 joint communique in which Tegucigalpa and Beijing agreed on relations, a decision by Honduras that he described as right and part of the trend of peoples, adopted on the basis of mutual respect, equality between peoples and to establish mutually beneficial cooperation.

In this regard, he pointed out that there are external forces that must stop influencing China’s relations and its domestic politics, citing the role of Washington and provocative actions in favor of those who seek the secession of Taiwan, whose president began a tour of Central America with a “transit” through the USA.

Ma Hui spoke at the meetings between the presidents of China and Russia, which were held in Moscow from March 20 to 22, which was Xi Jinping’s first foreign visit after his ratification as president of the country, which is a strong backbone of political independence and in favor of world peace, argued he, and in which both countries support each other.

He emphasized China’s objective and impartial position on the Ukrainian crisis and China’s proposal in accordance with the principle of resolving conflicts through dialogue and negotiations, while noting that Russia appreciates and welcomes China’s constructive role in this situation, in which they advocate a political solution, since – the desire most countries of the world. In addition, he explained that Ukraine also wants to keep in touch with China on this issue.

Ma Hui emphasized the development of relations between China and Russia, which are based on mutual respect, equality and justice, and represent a new type of relationship that ratifies the possibilities for the future configuration of true multilateralism and non-hegemonic world governance.

There were two decisive plenary meetings in March that confirmed Xi Jinping’s leadership, both in the second session on the 20th. Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, as in the 14th century. National People’s Assembly, in which he was unanimously elected President of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) for a third term and Chairman of the Central Military Commission of the PRC.

The agreements of these meetings are of great importance for the development of new projects for the development of the country and for a new expedition of national revival after considering the economic and social development over the past year, as well as over the past five years, despite the pandemic.

Job creation, economic performance, food production and reduction of energy consumption are among the priority issues, and he noted that the economy is seeing a steady recovery in 2023.

Ambassador Ma Hui emphasized that the democratic, broad, real and positive nature of the National People’s Congress, with 55 of the nation’s ethnic minorities among its deputies and a broad representation of workers and farmers, is an element that resists the fallacy of the so-called Democracy Summit, which was called upon by the United States to intensify the ideological confrontation. .

Finally, Ambassador Ma Hui focused on the modernization of socialist China, with features common to other countries, but with its own characteristics, since it is a country with a huge population, where it is necessary to guarantee the harmony between man and nature, as well as modernization and global development and coexistence in a common future. with humanity.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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