Anti-inflationary summit convenes today Wednesday

MEXICO CITY, 4 April. The so-called Anti-Inflation Summit will take place this Wednesday through Online look for palliatives from high prices, primarily for food, through trade agreements that alleviate the situation.

At the end of his morning press conference at the National Palace, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who called the meeting, confirmed on Tuesday that his counterparts from Cuba, Brazil, Chile, Honduras, Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia, Belize will attend both Saint Vincent and The Grenadines, also representing the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac) and, of course, the sponsor country, Mexico.

In this first phase, we are mainly ten people, since the face-to-face meeting will take place later, AMLO clarified, referring to the second part of the project, which will be with the presence of heads of state and government and, according to what has been said so far, can be carried out in May.

Obrador explained that in this first meeting they will discuss how to exchange food, issues related to trade in this area, as well as raw materials in order to solve the problem of inflation in general, reduce prices and counteract shortages. “That’s the question,” he elaborated, according to PL.

López Obrador did not give an exact start time, nor did he say if it would be open to the public and broadcast live, or if a statement would be made at a later date.

Among the preparatory activities is a ministerial meeting held a week ago, which was attended by the foreign ministers of the participating countries and some heads of finance and trade, as well as the exchange of data that seems necessary for specific actions, including indices such as agri-food production and current tariffs, among others.

Reaching agreements on more equitable commercial exchanges between the countries concerned will require the practical application of principles such as complementarity. At the same time, trade can become cheaper if one pays attention to, for example, transport.

After the ministerial meeting, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parilla praised Mexico’s proposal to address some of the economic problems of Latin America and the Caribbean in a cooperative, efficient and complementary manner.

The Cuban Foreign Minister also stressed the importance of taking practical initiatives, working on supply chains, air and sea transport and services, as a way to combat the harmful inflationary phenomenon that affects the world today, and especially Latin America. It has been reported.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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