Secret files leaked online confirm the United States is spying on its allies

WASHINGTON, 10 April. Secret Pentagon documents leaked to internet portals have sparked global alarm about how the United States is spying on its allies, CNN reports.

The latest leaks to the international press have alarmed US officials, who fear such revelations could compromise confidential sources and jeopardize important international relations.

Some of the documents that US officials say are genuine expose the extent of US wiretapping of key allies, including South Korea, Israel and Ukraine. Other texts reveal key shortcomings in weapons, air defense and Ukrainian battalion training at a critical time in the war, the source said.

The Pentagon has launched an interagency effort to assess the impact of the leak, Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh said. The Department of Defense continues to evaluate the validity of photographed documents circulating on social media that appear to contain confidential and highly classified material, Singh said in a statement.

The leak also prompted the Pentagon to take steps to limit the flow of such sensitive documents, which are normally available on any given day to hundreds of people in government.

The documents first surfaced on the social media platform Discord, according to screenshots of the posts viewed by CNN. The posts are photographs of crumpled documents laid out on top of magazines and surrounded by random items.

Various US allies are also conducting damage assessments in an attempt to determine if any of their own sources and methods were compromised by the leak.

Experts examined 53 leaked documents, all of which appear to have been prepared between mid-February and early March 2023. One document shows that the United States even spied on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Ukrainian officials are deeply disappointed by this leak.

Another document describes a conversation between two senior South Korean national security officials about South Korea’s Security Council issues.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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