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Many achievements and even more challenges for Lula’s leadership


BRAZIL, 10 April. “Brazil has a future again. And this is just the beginning,” repeated Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva during a speech to his ministers, broadcast live on Brazilian television in the first hundred days of his new term on Monday.

During the meeting, it was possible to appreciate the many achievements made during this period, as well as the many paths that still remain to be taken in order to return to Brazil social justice, growth and the role that it played in the international arena before. taken over by his predecessor, Jair Bolsonaro.

Lula recalled the implementation during this period of social programs characteristic of his two previous governments and directly aimed at improving the living standards of the population, such as the plan to “renew and expand more doctors,” he explained, to which he added the National Immunization Program “to prevent disease or the death of at least one Brazilian due to lack of a vaccine.”

At the same time, he added, the first phase of joint operations has already begun to carry out operations throughout the country, and the goal is to reopen the so-called People’s Pharmacy in order to guarantee free or cheap medicines to the population.

Lula said that a specialized multidisciplinary network of medical care close to the user will be implemented. Likewise, the desire to ensure the availability of drinking water for all remains on the agenda of the government.

“Brazil has once again taken care of health,” he said.

Other areas of the social sphere that are being worked on are the fight against racial discrimination with the creation of the Ministry of Racial Equality; confronting violence against women and protecting their rights, as well as indigenous peoples and the LGBT population, fighting organized crime.

Facing violence, discrimination and exclusion strengthens Brazilian democracy, he said elsewhere in his speech.

Other steps taken in the three months following his return to power were the presentation of a new fiscal system, which he announced offered realistic and safe solutions for balancing government accounts. Lula said work is underway on a tax reform that will correct the historical distortions of the regressive and unfair tax system for Brazilians and federal entities.

The PT leader also said that stopped work will be resumed and those that are slow will be accelerated, in addition to choosing new strategic investments. “We have already received a list of priority works from the governments of each state,” he said.

Our Strategic Infrastructure Investment Program will focus on six areas: transport; social infrastructure; digital inclusion and connection; urban infrastructure; water for all and energy transition, he said.

Expanding access to culture and sports is also included in the course.

“It was a hundred days of hard work. We have 1,360 more days to continue rebuilding the country,” Lula said.

Source: Juventud Rebelde



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