Modest heroes of the brave city

The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela prepared a heartfelt tribute yesterday Wednesday to members of the Cuban diplomatic staff in Caracas who witnessed the coup attempt against President Hugo Chávez in 2002. allowed to delve into the political events that shook the Bolivarian democracy.

The protagonists of the exemplary defense of the Cuban embassy were surrounded by a predominantly young audience, eager to discover the “microhistory” elements of such a traumatic but inspiring event.

The two decades that have passed since the attempted coup d’état have not lessened the emotional burden and psychological maturity that this event generated in the group of relatives who accompanied the Cuban diplomats. The conditions of vulnerability, exacerbated by the blackouts of water and electricity at the diplomatic headquarters, which affected the victims of the siege, did not prevent them from relinquishing responsibility for the security of their lives and the integrity of the consular stronghold.

Venezuelan embassy adviser Ziomara Lucena took on the role of moderator for the group consisting of Germán Sánchez Otero, Cuba’s ambassador to Caracas from 1994 to 2009, and Cuban diplomats Hélio Perera and Rafael Hidalgo. According to the minister, the purity of character and operational clarity demonstrated by the main actors of the event being remembered can be compared with the most decisive actions recorded in the annals of Antillean diplomacy.

Because of its journalistic and human value, those present were shocked by the projection of the audiovisual Embassy siege prepared by the press service of the diplomatic mission of Venezuela. Just as the main works of the documentary genre fixed the limits of intolerance and political stupidity, through these images we were reminded of the despicable actions of the extremist anti-Shavism sector that tried to destroy the civil stability and constitutional order of the Bolivarian state. nation.

As a glorious culmination of the close historical relationship between the Cuban and Venezuelan peoples, a performance was conceived by singer-songwriter Mauricio Figueral, who owes the musical richness and civic dignity that Bolívar’s homeland represents to the artistic community. and intellectuals.

By giving us the opportunity to learn about living history recreated by its outstanding heroes, BNCJM will continue to create these kinds of spaces to bring the reading public closer to the milestones of recent times.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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