Protests in France continue resistance to pension reform

PARIS, April 13 — This Thursday, April 13, France is experiencing its twelfth day of anti-pension protests, ahead of a Constitutional Council resolution on the validity of the bill to raise the retirement age and whether to pass a citizenship referendum that could abolish it.

However, the unions and the French have already said that, whatever the court’s decision, they will continue to fight until the increase in the retirement age from 62 to 64 years introduced by President Emmanuel Macron is repealed.

Demonstration of people’s strength takes place in the streets. With the absence of a garbage collection service in Paris, strikes at oil refineries and a blockade of river transport on the Rhine River, protesters reminded President and Prime Minister Elisabeth Born that the vast majority of the French oppose the measure.

“This is not the last day of the strike. Macron must withdraw this law, otherwise he will not be able to govern the country,” Sophie Binet, the new leader of the CGT union, told protesters near Paris, according to France24.

Now the next goal of the trade union struggle is to try to force the Constitutional Council to block the reform, citing its unconstitutionality. But experts say this is an unlikely scenario.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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