World Youth Festival in 2024 will be held in Russia

In 2024, Russia will host the World Youth Festival, which will be attended by 20,000 people from 180 countries, director of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh) Ksenia Razuvaeva said on Monday, LP reports.

“This is a very big and significant event, given the current situation and difficult conditions,” Razuvaeva said.

According to the official, among the delegates there are young people living in countries with governments hostile to Russia, “which makes it possible to talk about what the Western media is hiding or manipulating, we will confirm once again that attempts to isolate our country in one way or another they are useless.”

According to his experience of interaction with youth organizations that today work in different countries of the world, the interest in Russia is colossal.

“We have projects on an international scale, such as the Big Break contest, the Leaders of Russia contest and many other events every year where people from all countries participate, friends and not friends, because there are no hostile countries, there are no hostile people , there are hostile politicians,” he said.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on holding the World Youth Festival in February-March 2024.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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