Youth from China and Cuba to keep the legacy of friendship

Cuba has strengths to face challenges. Most importantly, this is what most young people believe in the continuity of the revolutionary process, Eileen Alvarez Garcia, first secretary of the National Committee of the Union of Young Communists (YCL), confirmed on Tuesday, speaking at the 5th. Theoretical seminar between the communist parties of China and the Greater Antilles.

The youth leader, who is part of a delegation led by Politburo member Roberto Morales Ojeda, organizational secretary of the party’s Central Committee, noted that one of the topics of the meeting was the role of youth in preserving the heritage of friendship between the two peoples; In this sense, it was ratified that “they will face together the challenges that are placed before us as a generation in defense of socialism.”

With regard to the new generations of Cubans, he also confirmed that the recognized mobilization potential and political commitment of young people have allowed them to play a leading role in the main tasks and dynamics of the country, a constant feature in revolutionary history that has manifested itself firmly in recent years, when the youth force has taken the vanguard positions.

Alvarez Garcia was then received by He Junke, First Secretary of the Chinese Communist Youth League, visited an exhibition recreating the history of this organization, and signed an agreement to expand cooperation between the youth organizations of both countries through activities of mutual interest.

The document provides for the development of projects to promote the political and ideological education of the younger generations, scientific research, culture, sports and other areas. In addition, he talks about the development of working relationships between Casa Editora Abril and the newspaper rebellious youth with the China Youth Press Association.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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