Cuba and Russia confirm their readiness to bring economic, trade and financial relations to a high level of political ties.

Long-standing high-level political relations distinguish the ties that have existed between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Cuba for many years. At the meeting held on Tuesday afternoon by First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and President of the Republic Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez with Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation Maxim S. Oreshkin, the intention of both peoples to bring economic, trade and financial ties to the same state was confirmed.

For us,” the Head of State assured, “it is a great satisfaction to receive him during his first visit to Cuba, which was expected and expected in our country.

The presence of this Russian delegation in the Greater Antilles, as Diaz-Canel assessed during the talks, is very significant and gives continuation to the exchange of high-level visits that took place in recent months.

We have every intention, he stressed, to put economic, trade and financial relations on the same level as political relations.

During a pleasant dialogue, President Diaz-Canel asked to convey a “tender greeting” to his Russian colleague and thanked “for the support that the Russian Federation has given us in the fight against the blockade.”

We feel, he appreciated, that “the Russian government, and in particular President Putin, are extremely sensitive to the problems of Cuba.”

In a special way, the Head of State also thanked for the support of the “Government of the Russian Federation in the most difficult moments that we had in the fight against the pandemic, when they provided us with supplies for health”, and in particular for decisive support during the crisis with oxygen supply.

For his part, Maxim Sergeevich Oreshkin, thanking him for the hospitality with which he was received in Cuba, commented on the days of preparations for this visit, during which several “negotiations have already been held to determine the steps to be taken in the future.

In this sense, he referred to three main areas of work that were proposed to be strengthened, among which the first area, according to him, is energy, and the second is the increase in tourist flow to Cuba.

“The third direction, the most important sector, which is quite complex, but which will give us long-term results, is the investment of Russian companies and companies in the Cuban economy,” he explained.

Traveling with him, as he explained to the Cuban president, were “representatives of various companies who are ready to invest in various sectors of the Cuban economy, such as mining, agriculture, tourism, infrastructure and energy.”

In each of these sectors, he assured, negotiations are underway, which began even before his visit and will be continued in the coming days.

The Cuban delegation that attended the meeting included Vice Prime Ministers Ricardo Cabrisas Ruiz, Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment; and Alejandro Gil Fernandez, Head of Economics and Planning; as well as other government employees.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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