Young people from the United States will keep brotherly customs with Cuba

WASHINGTON, May 4th. – Upon their return from Cuba, members of the People’s Forum were arrested and interrogated as “a clear attempt to intimidate young people who exercised their right to travel and study,” according to American public figure Manolo. de Saints.

“This attempt to dissuade us from solidarity with Cuba will fail,” De los Santos predicted in a Twitter post in which he announced the release of all those arrested upon arrival at Miami International Airport this Thursday.

“Despite the fact that we were traveling legally, we were harassed and detained for secondary interrogations,” the young people said on Twitter. “This scandalous behavior is intended to intimidate us and criminalize our right to travel and exchange. (…) We will not be touched! Our commitment to ending the US blockade of Cuba will only grow,” they said.

“Solidarity is not a crime, the blockade is a crime,” they stressed in a short and militant video recorded and also posted on this social network by a group of young people.

In the message, Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, who met with the delegation during his stay on the island, acknowledged their honesty: “Rejoice guys, we are with you. Thank you for your courage, for supporting Cuba and for resisting the hatred of those who cannot bear the fact that the Cuban revolution has the support of the most progressive youth in the very depths of the monster. We send them big hugs.”

Manolo de los Santos called reprehensible the “aggressive attitude of customs and border officials towards members of our delegation during their return to the United States.

“The seizure of phones and the political nature of the interrogation in the secondary interrogation imply a level of harassment that has not been seen in years. It was a clear attempt to intimidate young people who exercised their right to travel and study,” he said.

In the words of a young public figure, “These unfortunate incidents are further evidence of the misdirection of the hostile foreign policy of the United States towards Cuba.

The delegation consisted of more than 150 young people and was coordinated by the International Assembly of Peoples (AIP) and included trade unionists, cultural figures, anti-police activists, tenant groups and academics from various US organizations, PL specified. .

During their stay in Cuba, the delegates met and exchanged views with representatives of the LGBTI+ community, Afro-Cuban groups, students and teachers of the Latin American School of Medicine in Havana, as well as popular educational groups, scientists, athletes, artists and representatives of other social sectors, emphasized AIP on its official website.

The People’s Forum, for its part, defines itself as a “movement incubator for the working class and marginalized communities” to build unity around historic lines of division in the US and abroad, Telesur was quoted as saying.

They also provide “an accessible educational and cultural space that nurtures the next generation of visionaries and organizers who believe that a new world is possible through collective action,” their website says.

Its members have repeatedly shown solidarity with the Greater Antilles by donating medicine and food, as well as numerous demonstrations of support and visits to the Caribbean nation. All this with the aim of helping to lift the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the White House against the island.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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