Charles III crowned the new monarch of Great Britain.

Carlos III, 74, was crowned this Saturday at Westminster Abbey in a lavish and solemn ceremony in London, an unprecedented event in the United Kingdom in 70 years. The act took place eight months after his accession to the throne following the death of his mother, Elizabeth II, reports DW.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, placed the crown of St Edward on the king’s head in front of some 2,300 guests, including 100 foreign heads of state such as Luis Inacio Lula da Silva and Kings Felipe VI and Letizia of Spain.

Also present was the Vice President of the Republic of Cuba, Salvador Valdez Mesa, who arrived in London this Friday at the head of a Cuban delegation, according to the website of the island’s Foreign Ministry.

Having laid the crown on him, the archbishop shouted to the parishioners “God save the king”, after which trumpets were heard. Carlos III’s wife, Camila, was crowned immediately afterwards in a similar but simpler manner.

Sitting on an oak chair, St. Considered the oldest piece of furniture in the United Kingdom and placed on a medieval mosaic floor, Charles III was crowned after receiving various royal insignia that symbolize the duties of the head of the British state until the day he dies.

The king was given a sovereign power, symbolizing peace; a scepter with a cross, personifying the Christian world; and a dove scepter, a symbol of the monarch’s spiritual role.

Finally, Welby placed St Edward’s Crown, made of gold and adorned with rubies, amethysts, sapphires, garnets and topazes, for the only time in his life that a monarch would wear it.

Accompanied by thousands of soldiers and members of the royal family, the monarchs will return in a new procession to Buckingham Palace, where, accompanied by their family, they will meet the crowd from the balcony.

However, not all Britons are happy with the historic coronation. In this regard, the police arrested several people who participated in the protest of the anti-monarchist group “Republic”, including the leader of the organization Graham Smith.

Under similar circumstances, other members of the organization were detained while collecting banners, according to the DW website.

The arrest took place around 7:30 a.m. local time, when hundreds of anti-monarchy protesters gathered in Trafalgar Square with flags and yellow shirts to emphasize their opposition to the monarch’s coronation.

The “Republic” group advocates the abolition of the hereditary monarchy in the UK and the democratic election of the head of state.

Republicans remain a minority in the UK but have become more visible since the death of the popular Elizabeth II in September.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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