Donald Trump convicted of sexual assault

Former US President Donald Trump was found guilty on Tuesday of sexual harassment and defamation, but not rape, in a case brought by 79-year-old writer E. Jean Carroll. This is indicated by the verdict, which today in record time was passed by the New York jurors who heard his case.

This marks the first time that Trump, 76 and up for a new term, has been sentenced since stepping down as president, even though his Trump Organization was sentenced last January to pay $1.61 million for tax evasion. scheme.

Carroll accused Trump of raping her in a New York department store fitting room in the mid-1990s, and of defaming her when she decided to go public with her complaint in a book published in 2019.

The jury had to decide whether Trump was liable (a term used in civil cases) for rape, sexual assault or harassment, and the jury chose the latter option, in addition to finding him liable for defamation.

It was also decided that Trump should compensate Carroll for a total of about $5 million, of which $2 million was for damages caused by Trump as a result of this sexual assault and $2.7 million for things related to his reputation. Since this case is being considered in civil proceedings, there are no relevant prison sentences.

(As reported by EFE)

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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