Expand details about Cuban passport changes

Ernesto Soberon, Director General for Consular Affairs and Cuban Residents Abroad, presented today new details on migration measures related to the renewal of the passport.

In a Facebook live broadcast, Soberon said that passports valid for 10 years will be issued from July 1, according to Prensa Latina.

He explained that it was decided that these documents with a validity period of six years and those that will be issued in the near future coexist in time, until the first half of 2029.

He pointed out that it was inappropriate to ask a citizen of the island to carry out an additional procedure for placing a sticker to extend the validity of a passport.

He added that the Caribbean nation cannot pass on to the airlines and immigration authorities of the countries to which the Cubans are going to travel the responsibility of ensuring that this document is issued on a certain date and when it expires.

“The most functional and practical thing is that these two passports now coexist,” he stressed.

He pointed out that people with valid passports can request a passport valid for 10 years.

He reiterated that from July 1, there is no need to renew any passport and he will maintain the current cost.

Regarding the measure to equalize the length of stay on the island of Cubans living abroad with that of their relatives, foreign spouses and children, he announced that it would be extended to one year in the country.

He also said that measures for people who emigrated before 1 January 1971 would remove the requirement to apply for an entry permit every time they enter the island.

He explained that they would be granted benefits for a year so that they could come to Cuba and go through passport procedures.

Soberon noted that measures are being taken at a good level, and the will of the Cuban government to strengthen ties with foreign citizens is recognized.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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