Ecuador in the grip of early elections

QUITO, May 17 — The headquarters of the National Assembly awoke this Wednesday closed and surrounded by troops after being evicted, when President Guillermo Lasso announced the dissolution of Parliament, two days after a political trial against him began there. .

The so-called “crucifixion” – he is tried by parliament and he dissolves the legislature to get rid of the process – was one of the options for what could happen after the long process of determining whether the president will be impeached or not, which was positively determined in end of last week.

Along with the dissolution of the National Assembly, Lasso said he would rule by decree for six months and asked the electoral authority for a timetable for the elections, with a November deadline. Meanwhile, the laws that the president makes – there will be no parliament for consultation – will only pass through the Constitutional Court, before which is already Decree No. 742 on the Organic Law for the Strengthening of the Family Economy, promulgated by Lasso immediately after the “death cross” by decree 741.

As explained, the authorities elected after the elections will complete the current mandate before 2025.

Both the army and the police immediately expressed their respect for the measure taken by Lasso, who did so in accordance with Article 148 of the Constitution of the Republic, “which gives me the right to dissolve the National Assembly due to a serious political crisis and internal unrest,” the President said, announcing this least through an appearance on national television, during which he also indicated that his trial was “unfounded”, and after pleading not guilty at the first hearing.

General Commander of the Police Fausto Salinas said that when Article 148 of the Magna Carta was activated, it was necessary to protect the headquarters of the Parliament, as well as the assets and documents located inside, PL reports, calling for living in the moment. with democratic maturity and avoid violence and confrontation.

For its part, the head of the Armed Forces Joint Command, General Nelson Proanyo, said that the decision was in accordance with the law and that the military would protect citizens’ guarantees within the bounds of legality.

The Magna Carta provides for the dissolution of the legislature if the National Assembly assumes functions that are not within its competence, if the legislature interferes with the implementation of the National Development Plan, or due to a serious political crisis and internal unrest, Telesur notes.

According to Lasso, it is now possible to activate a mechanism based on the third of these reasons, because in the current conditions no progress can be made and the country needs a “new political pact,” he said.

However, this measure is disputed.

One of the first to react was former President Rafael Correa who, via a tweet, criticized “what Lasso is doing is illegal” because “it’s clear there is no internal unrest” and claimed that Lasso “could not only buy enough members assembly to be saved,” referring to the political process.

“In any case, this is a great opportunity to get rid of Lasso, his government and the members of the assembly hired by him and reclaim his homeland,” he added.

After participating in elections for the first time as a legal entity, the Civil Revolution movement led by Correa won the electoral constituency last February, indicating its recovery from the attacks suffered by the correísmo as a political entity, and as further evidence the decline in Lasso’s popularity, which was also seen in the failure of the constitutional referendum, held in unison and which he personally promoted.

The powerful Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities (Konaye), represented in the Pachakutic political party, which remained in the sections as a second national force, responded to the measure by calling on its members to analyze the situation.

Reports yesterday, Wednesday, were calm in the country, but the timetable for the expected parliamentary and presidential elections could be long.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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