Hispanic Youth Hour

It is very important for you to continue to demonstrate that the ability to dream, fight, mobilize and build a better, more supportive, just and sovereign world in the face of the imperialist and neoliberal wave is possible, and we must make it possible,” said Monica Valente. , Executive Secretary of the Sao Paulo Forum, to the young members of this important continental platform, who met in person in Havana on Tuesday.

connected via Online A well-known public figure from Brazil was “very glad to be with you” and to see “that we are following an important path, the path of unity and integration of our peoples and our Great Motherland, the path of self-determination, the struggle for peace, equality and social justice.

During their speeches, young people confirmed that in this regional political context in which we live, today more than ever it is necessary to create a space for expression and collaboration among young people, and they confirmed that participation in the Forum is a collective learning project, learning and building .

At another time, they promised to mobilize ideas, initiatives and conferences that stimulate and strengthen the presence of the São Paulo Forum. They also proposed to advance in the training of youth leaders, establish a communication network in defense of just causes, and activate the youth movement of solidarity with Cuba to demand that the blockade be lifted and that it be removed from the list of state sponsors of terrorism. .

It is these ideas that will form the action plan and thematic agenda ahead of the São Paulo Forum next June in Brazil, which, as Monica Valente noted, “will be a special moment.” , because from 2019 there will be no face-to-face meetings.”

Summing up the day, Myrtia Julia Bronsard Oris, head of the international relations department of the National Committee of the Union of Young Communists, confirmed that the youngest are the vanguard of social and political transformations and are confidently moving towards new victories for the Great Motherland. .

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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