Money stolen from Venezuela went to right-wing primaries

CARACAS, 23 May. — Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has accused the Venezuelan opposition of being behind the embezzlement of public resources in agreement with the US government, which are being used to fund primary elections scheduled for October next year.

during your program With Maduro+, The head of state condemned that it was the former deputy Dinora Figuera (a fugitive from Venezuelan justice), who received more than 300 million dollars to promote opposition presidential candidates, in search of a single candidate in the presidential elections scheduled for 2024.

“Figuera just transferred $346 million from a bank account owned by the country to fund the primaries of the failed right, to fund presidential candidates,” Maduro said in a conversation with the head of the PSUV bench in the National Assembly. , Diosdado Cabello, in an RT review.

These are the resources of Caracas that remained blocked in US banks and which were transferred to the President-elect in 2015” Juan Guaidó, last December.

In his program, Maduro once again denounced the “kidnapping” of Citgo, a company owned by a US subsidiary of Petroleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA), which was placed under opposition control by Washington and whose sale at auction was fictitious. with the permission of the Ministry of Finance.

“The US government has blocked us, at Citgo alone, $4 billion in annual profits for 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and now. These are perks that were for the benefit of the population,” he denounced, referring to the money that the Venezuelan state stopped receiving as a result of the takeover of an oil subsidiary, not to mention other Venezuelan assets abroad, frozen by the policy of American economic suffocation.

In this sense, Maduro recalled the recent approval in the National Assembly of the Law on the Protection of the Assets, Rights and Interests of the Republic and its Subjects Abroad, which he has already signed.

The President of Bolivarianism described the law as “a new legal, legal, constitutional instrument to protect assets and assets belonging to all Venezuelans.”

As the financial observatory Bloomberg reported earlier this month, the so-called Democratic Unitary Platform, which brings together the Venezuelan political right and is currently articulated around the National Assembly in late 2015, took control of at least $347 million from Venezuela’s frozen U.S. bank accounts.

According to a memo seen by, right-wing sectors have been funding their activities since 2019 with money from seized assets due to the U.S. State Department certifying “opposition officials” (sic). restore access.

The money is seen by the opposition as a “fund” they have called for “for the liberation of Venezuela and attention to risky cases.”

The reality of this alleged legislative body does not exist, warns, it works through another pseudo-legal construct called the Legislative Delegation Commission, and it is headed by Dinora Figuera, who has served as “president” since last January. .

However, the memo explains, the 2015 Assembly “endorsed” a partial reform of the Venezuelan Liberation Fund Law and attention to life risk cases on December 30 to inject just over $49 million into another bombastically titled false example, the so-called Statute of Transition to Democracy. to restore the operation of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, which will finance various programs aimed at overthrowing the government by supporting rights and encouraging subversive activities.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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