Super Typhoon Mawar moves towards the Philippines and Taiwan

MANILA, 26 May. Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos said the government is taking all necessary measures after learning that Super Typhoon Mawar is heading towards the Philippines and Taiwan.

According to the national meteorological agency, the event will cause heavy rains that could lead to severe flooding. Philippine authorities announced this Friday that Super Typhoon Mawar is heading towards the northern Philippines and Taiwan with winds up to 260 kilometers per hour (km/h) after hitting the island of Guam hard.

Marcos said the government is taking steps to avoid loss of life and reduce property damage. Local government authorities are ready to provide assistance in regions where the typhoon can cause damage, the head of state noted. “We are making sure that response teams are on standby to help areas that may be affected,” the president said.

The Philippine Astronomical, Geophysical and Atmospheric Services Administration (Pagasa) said the center of Mawara is 1,705 kilometers east of Luzon with sustained winds of up to 215 kilometers per hour, Telesur reported.

The event will trigger heavy rainfall that could cause flooding or landslides in the northern region of Luzon, which is expected to be affected between Sunday and Monday. Mawar passed through the island of Guam this Wednesday, and most of the population was left without electricity.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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