The first European championship in sex started in Sweden

STOCKHOLM, 8 June. – Sweden has just recognized sex as another sport, and the Swedish Federation of Sex (FSS) has established the European Championship for this discipline or the European Championship for Sex.

The competition is due to start this Thursday in Gothenburg and all the venues have already been prepared. They will compete in different subjects for six weeks, there will be endurance tests and body massage. The FSS will cover the expenses of the participants.

Currently confirmed contestants are: Ann Joy (Finland) (Italy), Sexy Lexi (Portugal), Monsieur Lorenzo Viota (France), Nek Sinner (Greece), Matthew Meyer (Ukraine), Barbie Sins (UK), Mister Riddle ( Russia) and Sweet Mery (Croatia), Mugur (Romania) and Selva Lapiedra (Spain), El Mundo newspaper points out.

The total number of disciplines is 16, and a professional jury will evaluate the contestants who will participate in tests lasting about one hour or in sessions that can last up to six hours. Those who know how to master certain techniques or poses of the Kama Sutra will receive a positive assessment.

Cecilia Bizzotto, a Spanish sociologist, said: “I see very clear and visible negative points in this so-called competition, and in answering the question of whether sex should be considered a sport, I think this is a mistake, because it means classifying it even more than “it” already is.

Meanwhile, the new sport in Sweden has its own organization. Director of the FSS Dragan Bratich spoke about the sporting event. Achieving the desired results in sex requires training. Therefore, it is understandable that people are starting to compete in this aspect as well, said Bratich. We’ll have to wait to see if you play the sport the same way you train,” he said jokingly.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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