Statement by the Foreign Relations Commission of the National Assembly of People’s Power

The Commission on Foreign Relations condemns and strongly rejects as fraudulent the State Department’s May 23 certification of Cuba as a country that “does not fully cooperate” with the United States’ counter-terrorism efforts. This is an action which, together with the permanence of the one-sided and false List of State Sponsors of Terrorism, has for its sole purpose an attempt to justify the inhuman measures of economic warfare suffered by the Cuban people, universally rejected by the General Assembly of Nations of the United States, and to isolate Cuba.

By politically supporting a country with an exemplary counter-terrorism record on the State Department’s arbitrary and unilateral lists, the United States government is questioning its commitment to fighting this grave scourge.

The extension of this misleading appointment by President Trump’s government has multiplied the serious consequences of the blockade, which has been reinforced since 2019 with extreme measures to deprive the Cuban population of all sources of income and hamper its services with new obstacles. receives, including health care and education. The punitive action resulting from this arbitrary and unjustified measure has led to a significant increase in the number of banks in third countries, which, fearing reprisals from the United States government, have suspended their operations with Cuba, including transfers for the purchase of food, medicine, fuel. , spare parts for the national energy system and other goods for the population.

Only in the health sector, it was not possible to reach the level of production of the country’s essential medicines due to the inability to make payments to obtain the necessary raw materials and materials. At the same time, the difficulty of accessing medical technology with more than 10% of the US components needed to treat our people is growing, and the need to resort to alternative transportation routes with high additional costs is increasing. This situation has given rise to numerous shortcomings and shortcomings in the national health system.

As an additional consequence of being included on the List of State Sponsors of Terrorism, nationals of countries using the ESTA system cannot use online registration and must formally apply for an entry visa to the United States if they arrived in Cuba on a date after the 1st. March 2011. This is a direct attack on tourism, a strategic sector of our economy.

The United States has no reason to accuse Cuba of supporting terrorism. Notorious terrorists walk the streets of South Florida with impunity and, with the support of US federal agencies, have mourned hundreds of Cuban families.

United States law enforcement and national security agencies have experience with Cuba and have been directly involved in exchanges with our country. It is contradictory to point out that Cuba is not cooperating with the United States’ counterterrorism efforts when there are concrete examples of cooperation between Cuban and American authorities to counter it within the framework of current bilateral treaties and in accordance with international law.

The United States Government must heed the countless voices around the world that are condemning the unjust decision to declare Cuba a terrorism-supporting state. On their own soil, important trade union groups, civil rights bodies, local governments, lawyers’ unions and others have passed more than 80 resolutions asking President Biden’s government to end the blockade of Cuba and place our country on the List. This request was joined by many US congressmen.

Prominent politicians, former presidents and organizations such as CELAC, the African Union and the European Union have spoken at the regional and international levels. Recently, a high representative of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, described the appointment of Cuba as a measure that creates serious problems for the country’s economic development, while at the same time making it difficult to manage public bloc companies present in Cuba. .

We once again call on the United States Congress to heed the opinion of the majority of the broad sections of this society who are in favor of ending this stagnant policy and seeking to develop mutually beneficial ties with Cuba.

We call on the parliaments of the world to unite in this international demand and condemn the unfair classification of Cuba as a state that sponsors terrorism and does not fully cooperate with the anti-terrorism efforts of the United States.

Commission on Foreign Relations

National Assembly of People’s Power.

Havana, 8 June 2023

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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