They demand the restitution of former Peruvian President Pedro Castillo

LIMA, 13 June. — The lengthy trial against ousted former President Pedro Castillo, who was sacked by the Peruvian Congress after he tried to suspend the legislature, is approaching a milestone on the 23rd when an amparo request submitted by the defense will be considered, with technical details that show the other side of the story.

Lawyers denounced his dismissal and subsequent detention as arbitrary and wrongful actions, for which reason they demand the reinstatement of Castillo in his position, which was held by then Vice President Dina Boluarte, which many later considered a bloody betrayal, with orders to suppress demonstrations calling for the convening of a new Constituent meetings, the resignation of the new head of government and the release of the ex-president, which, according to various sources, killed more than 60 people.

In a press conference reviewed by Telesur, Castillo’s legal team reported on the legal reasons why he should be reinstated. His argument is based on the fact that the third vacancy proposal submitted by the legislature against Castillo – a legal figure in Peru, which means removing him from power – was never put to a vote.

On his Twitter account, former Prime Minister Aníbal Torres posted Congress’s own response to the request for information and according to that response, that morning “Order of the Day Proposal 4904 (i.e. Vacancies)”, but rather the draft Congressional resolution was debated and adopted.

According to the Congress, a majority of the votes were cast for declaring President Castillo “permanently morally incompetent” and “consequently, a vacancy for the presidency has been declared, applying the regime of succession established in Article 115 of the Politics of the Peruvian Constitution.”

However, Anibal Torres understands this as a piece of bad legislature procedure, as technically the proposal was not voted as such, but rather a Congressional resolution.

“There is no vacancy without following the procedure of Article 89-A of the Rules of Congress; therefore, according to press reports, there is no presidential succession, he said.

For his part, lawyer Wilfredo Robles reiterated at a press conference that “due process has been violated” and “without respect for any rights, because there must be a petition for the vacancy procedure to take place,” he insisted.

“December 7 – the day of his arrest – the proposal for the vacancy of the congressman of Malaga, which was the third proposal” submitted against Castillo, was not voted, he added.

According to Robles, the Malaga congressman himself said on live television that a vote on his request for the vacancy had never taken place.

Robles explained how the petition process was broken and said that 87 votes were needed with advance notice and signatures from 26 congressmen and confirmed that, in addition, the constitutional order was broken when Castillo’s defense was dismissed, against which the judge He ordered 18 – month of pre-trial detention, which he is still serving.

If the judiciary accepts the defense’s demand, the case against Pedro Castillo will be declared invalid and he will return to the presidency of Peru, the lawyer added.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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