Cuban Prime Minister and Russian President held talks

Cuban Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz, who is on an official visit to Russia, is holding official talks in Moscow today with President of the Eurasian state Vladimir Putin.

While receiving Marrero Cruz, the Russian president emphasized the special nature of the allied relationship between his country and Cuba and the long-term relationship that unites them, according to the island’s government on Twitter.

During the meeting, Putin and Marrero Cruz discussed bilateral relations, as well as economic and humanitarian cooperation. Thus, the Russian leader stressed that relations between Moscow and Havana are developing “despite the current difficulties”, saying that he is convinced that they will develop in all areas, including energy and tourism, reports Russia Today.

In addition, Putin confirmed that the Russian side will do everything possible to help Cuba overcome the illegal sanctions imposed on the island by the West. “We are aware of the illegal sanctions that Cuba has lived under for decades. However, the Cuban people overcome them. For our part, we will do everything possible so that our economic cooperation will help overcome these difficulties imposed from abroad,” he assured.

For his part, Marrero Cruz indicated that his country takes a firm stand against the unilateral sanctions of the West, as well as against his “attempts to isolate Russia from international organizations and try to sell a kind of Russophobia.” “The West could not violate Russia with these sanctions: we see calm streets, we see happy people, we see a working economy, and this shows the strength of this country,” he stressed.

According to a senior Cuban official, Havana is pleased with the progress in bilateral cooperation and “the goal of bringing economic and trade relations on a par with political ones.”

He also indicated that the Cuban side wants to organize a trade union meeting in Havana not only to publicize the potential of Cuba, but also to demonstrate the ease of access to Latin America and the Caribbean that the island can offer countries from the Eurasian region.

The head of the Cuban government leads a high-level delegation from the island, which visited Russia since June 6, in which both sides expressed interest in implementing actions to expand mutual economic and trade ties, as well as with the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, of which the Caribbean country is an observer state with 2020.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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