Colombian Vice President Francia Marquez arrives this Thursday in Cuba on an official visit.

This Thursday, Vice-President of Colombia of France Helena Marquez Mina will arrive in Cuba on an official visit, according to the website of the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

As part of his work schedule, he will be attending the Havana International Book Fair starting this Thursday for ten days, with Colombia as the guest of honor.

Cubaminrex explained that it will also negotiate with the Cuban authorities and undertake other activities of interest.

Recently, Marques Mina stated that cultural ties between the two peoples are a bilateral asset that needs to be strengthened, and the literary event is an excellent opportunity in this regard.

She clarified that in her country she leads the African-Caribbean strategy, and Cuba is one of those who in Latin America has most developed its diplomatic relations with the countries of the continent and has been the protagonist of transcendent political processes. for example dialogues for peace in Colombia.

“Returning to Cuba as Vice President of the Republic of Colombia, after arriving a few years ago as a member of the table of victims of peace talks between the Colombian state and the FARC, is evidence that in Colombia we will realize our desire. come true. complete peace,” the Vice President said.

He stressed that, of course, the role of Cuba on this path was fundamental, the Foreign Ministry quoted in a note addressed to the press.

Cultural ties between the two countries are a bilateral asset that needs to be strengthened, and the 31st Havana Book Fair is an excellent opportunity in this regard, France said.

He stressed that Cuba is one of the Latin American countries that has the most developed diplomatic relations with African countries and has the largest number of consulates and embassies.

“As Vice President of Colombia, I have a presidential mandate to lead the Africa-Caribbean strategy; as well as the national government’s policy of international cooperation with the movements of Africans and indigenous peoples,” he stressed.

“These are other priorities of our official visit to this beautiful Caribbean country,” the Vice President of Colombia emphasized a few days ago.

“Participating in the Havana Book Fair is a great opportunity to continue strengthening the bonds of friendship that already exist between both countries and that have been built by men and women of art and culture, such as our great writer Gabriel García Márquez, whose literature is well known in Cuba” – he emphasized.

(According to information from ACN)

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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