Peru: Call this Saturday for a big march in the capital against President Dina Boluarte

Civil society organizations and indigenous peoples have called for a large march in the Peruvian capital this Saturday as part of demonstrations and protests against President-designate Dina Boluarte, Telesur reports.

As in previous days, the mobilization in Lima will be repeated in various regions of the South American country.

In addition to the march on February 4, mobilization has been announced in the Peruvian capital for February 9 and strikes in the regions of Ayacucho and Arequipa next week.

Protesters in a large part of Peru demand the closure of the Congress and demand the creation of a Constituent Assembly.

Protests in Peru have been ongoing since December 7, when Congress removed then-president Pedro Castillo and swore in Boluarte.

More than 60 deaths and hundreds of injuries were reported in a vigorous police and military crackdown on the demonstrations.

For its part, the Peruvian Congress postponed until August any discussion or debate to advance the general election, ignoring one of the main demands of the protesters.

The decision of the plenary session of Congress was taken after the Constitutional Commission of the legislature refused to discuss the initiative of Dina Boluarte, which proposes to postpone the presidential election to October next year.

At least 11 members of the Congress committee voted in favor of the proposal, ten voted against and one abstained. Since this is a constitutional reform, it must be passed to the plenary session, and for this it is necessary to receive 14 votes.

Legislators who did not support the project argued that they must protect democratic institutions and that this constitutional reform violated the rule of law.

The Congress Rules state that “the same proposal” may not be submitted “until the next annual period of sessions”, which begins at the end of July each year.

In addition to promoting a general election, the demonstrators are demanding the dissolution of the Congress and the holding of a constituent assembly.

Amid demonstrations and protests in Peru, mobilization is expected on Saturday in the capital Lima and other parts of the country, while about 80 roadblocks remain active in seven regions of the country.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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