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A city crowned with its literature


Camagüey. It is a real luxury, in the midst of the difficult economic situation that the country is going through, to have in this city, the cradle of Cuban literature, 15 literary novelties published by Akana, a publisher from Camagüey who, with determination and will, elevate the book festival with the stamp of a genuine cultural creation for the public, thirsty for new reading.

From this Thursday until March 12, the Camaguey Book Fair opens its doors at its location located in the attractive Casino Campestre, with promising offers such as the highly anticipated hobbieswritten by renowned writer Evelyn Queipo Balbuena, which introduces readers to the history, architecture, literature and art of this region of shepherds and hats with insight and didactic skill.

No less seductive, especially for boys and girls, are the expected mini-books: Katie, jealous bitch, rhythms And Amalia goes to the park the authors are prestigious creators Ángel Rosendo Delgado Murga, Marta Núñez Prieto, Elena M. Obregon Navarro and Raul González de Cascorro (June 13, 1922 / March 7, 1985) respectively.


About these literary treasures, teacher and editor Manuel Montejo said that these texts are illustrated stories that invite little ones at home to color their interpretation of these stories.

Also designed for children and families, there is a volume Chocolate, authored by Edelmira Rodríguez Portal, which, in a fable that paints brooding adventures, tells of the actions and conflicts of a very arrogant chicken who, accustomed to doing his will without thinking about whether his actions are good for others, makes readers reflect on their own reality and human behavior. there is also a name Can you tell me who I am?written by Rufina de los Milagros Pérez Castillo, which invites you to solve riddles that constantly test your thinking and intuition.


From the exhaustive investigation of journalist Roberto Funes Funes, a novel was born Sacramental Confession of the Devilwhich develops an overview of “the great clash of cultures that was the conquest and colonization of the Antilles by the ‘civilized’ metropolises of the so-called Old World, with the genocide and marginalization imposed in pursuit of the widespread introduction of slavery, whose consequences they are suffering today.”

Problems with water and land This is a hilarious, casual novel and, yes, very suggestive of the drama that characterizes it, from the great Cuban literati Jesús David Curbelo, who explores the whirlwind of “higher (and lower) human passions” with his ironic eye. and invites us to think about complex concepts such as homeland, identity, commitment, love, and ethics.”

Poetry comes to us irreverent and arrogant thanks to the signatures of Jesús Aismar Zamora Ávila with expelled from the fires; in which his poems, his tenths, his elegy nourish the city, the unattainable woman; while Guillermo Betancourt Diaz gives us the soundtrack of a warrior, on the pages blood on the hands Abraham; and Giza Portuondo Vega in his collection of poems lecture notes It subtly allows for an approach to reality from sexuality, erotica and social criticism “through a personal and intimate discourse that is supported by symbolic rereading of various school subjects…”.

Cast out of the fires

Akana is also surprised by the digitally available e-books. In this modality, the endemic and scientific works of the Doctors of Education Maritsa Milagros Cuenca Diaz and Isabelle Cristina Sampaio Hernandez, Behavioral Disorders in Childhood: A Warning for the Familya text of help and guidance to adequately accept behavior in infancy and adolescence, and Dr. Adela Garcia Yero, City: from dirt to wordsa study that “goes beyond mere architecture to touch upon the sensitive, deepest signs of regional and national culture”.

Details of the Great Feast from Camagüey

In addition to Akana’s literary offerings, avid readers from Camaguey will be able to enjoy over 370 titles at their book festival.

Director of the Provincial Center for Books and Literature (CPLL) Enrique José Varona in Camagüey Unilekis Naranjo Guerra assured Jr that during the unifying cultural competition, books in high demand, mainly for children, and universal books sold at high prices by foreign publishers at the Havana Fair, “will not be offered here.”

He explained that as a primary alternative, audiobooks are offered in a highly visited and traditional space, the Children’s Pavilion. “The CPLL Creation Office has downloaded more than twenty titles without copyright restrictions, so that those who wish can purchase them at the cost of the disc on which they are recorded, or at the modest price of a flash copy.”

Recognized in Cuba for its meritorious and outstanding work throughout the year in promoting the reading and sale of books, and for linking authors with their communities, even in remote and hard-to-reach communities, the CPLL of Camagüey proposes a party “bringing all the arts together to elevate it, on the basis of the unity of all the cultural institutions of the territory and the unconditional support of the government and the party of Camaguey”, assured Naranjo Guerra.

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