Laureate of the National Literary Prize Eduardo Eras Leon died in Havana.

Eduardo Rafael Eras León, a well-known Cuban writer, journalist, editor and art historian, died early this Thursday in Havana at the age of 82. El Chino Eras, the nickname given to him by his peers, was born in Havana and did an outstanding job as a ballet critic and later became one of the most important narrative voices of his generation.

Working from a very young age in a variety of professions, he graduated in 1958 from the Normal School in Havana, in whose classes he was closely associated with the 26th of July Movement and participated in various student actions against the dictatorship.

After the victory of the Revolution, he introduced himself as a volunteer militia and trained as an artilleryman. He fought the mercenary invasion of Playa Giron in April 1961, an experience he later immortalized in his storybook. The war had six namesrecipient of the UNEAC David Award in 1968 and published the same year.

He later studied journalism at the University of Havana, worked for the editorial office of Arte y Literatura, and in 1976 became the founder of the editorial office of Letras Cubanas, where he supervised narrative writing. He also served as Deputy Director for Literature of the Cuban Book Institute, was Vice President of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, and Director of the Casa de las Américas Editorial Foundation.

Among his extensive literary output, collections of short stories stand out. The war had six names, steps in the grass, Steel, clean iron, matter of principle And complete stories. He was also a tireless promoter of Cuban stories, a passion that led him to publish various collections of the genre. His collection of narrative texts and the art of storytelling, titled Problems of fictionis a must-have reference material for writers, journalists and researchers.

His teaching vocation and his skill as a writer of short stories and a journalist led him to create the literary training course with which the “University for All” project, founded by Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, was born, and to the creation of the Onelio Literary Training Center. Jorge Cardoso, an institution he has directed for over 20 years and has trained dozens of young Cuban storytellers who admire him and recognize him as a teacher.

Due to the quality of his literary work and his commitment to the revolution, he has been awarded numerous awards and honors, including the badge for national culture, the Order of Félix Elmuz, the Alejo Carpentier medal, the replica of Generalissimo Gómez’s machete, the Maestro de Juventudes Prize, and the National Prize of Publication and Literature , which were awarded to him in 2001 and 2014, respectively.

By decision of the family, the corpse of the prominent intellectual Eduardo Heras León will be cremated, and details of the tribute that Cuban writers, artists and institutions will pay him will be offered in the next few hours.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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