Strange case solved in Romerias

OLGIN.— Also inserted in Incidents Fernanda and the Strange Case of Figueroa’s Message I saw the 30th today. edition of Romerías de Mayo, in which AHS (Association Hermanos Saíz), the main organizer of the event, gave the Cámara Azul event the opportunity to evaluate national and local animation.

Aramis Acosta, Animation Research Producer at the Cuban Institute of Motion Picture Arts and Industry (ICAIC), said: “It’s nice to be invited to Romerías, which I’ve never been to, although I’ve been to Holguín before. . They represent one of the most impressive multicultural events in the country, organized by young people with great effort. Introducing the second animated feature film of Fernanda and her friends from the popular detective by award-winning director Mario Rivas.”

Regarding the presentation in question and the connection between the feature film and the national past, Acosta said that “showing in front of girls and boys from different schools will be its premiere in Holguin. The main character is very loved by children, so he meant a lot, having spent almost two years making the film. Fernanda and the Strange Case of Figueroa’s Message. Now, after 63 chapters of the short film and the previous film, she is introduced to the theme of the Wars of Independence.”

PHOTO: Nelson Rodriguez Roque

Through his advice and morality, he enters history without neglecting his discoveries, added the producer, who explained that “Mario Rivas is passionate about these topics and is a researcher of the figure of Maximo Gomez; his future aims will touch upon other historical passages.”

Aniel Santisteban, coordinator of Cámara Azul, in whose sessions animation was chosen as the central axis in 2023, explained that they will make this movement visible, “especially the animation studios in Holguin (Anima), which will celebrate the 15th anniversary of the creation. next November. But both what is being developed under the protection of ICAIC and independent, which has recently begun to receive support from the institute, will be considered.

“Cámara Azul will hold screenings, dialogues between young filmmakers, guests and experienced creators. In addition, competitions will be launched for audiovisual festivals such as Image Warehouse in Camaguey, Cine Andante from Guantanamo and for the first time in Holguin.”

Boys and girls from different schools were invited to the premiere in Holguin PHOTO: Nelson Rodriguez Roque

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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