Announcement of the First International Caribbean Film and Environment Festival in Isla de la Juventud

NUEVA GERONA, Island of Youth. — Renowned Cuban actor, artist, documentary filmmaker and sculptor Jorge Perugorria Rodríguez announced this Wednesday at Isla de la Juventud the launch of Isla Verde, the First Caribbean Film and Environment Festival, from May 31 to June 5.

At a press conference, he explained that after a year of intensive work, he feels very happy to have fulfilled this collective dream of many people, joined by the Nunez Jiménez Foundation, Isla Patrimonial… “We are very optimistic and excited. and we want to thank the regional authorities for their unconditional support,” he said.

He announced that on June 5, World Environment Day, he will end the event with a concert by Silvio Rodriguez, a source of pride and satisfaction and a gift for all people who love nature and protect the environment in Cuba, on Isla de la Juventud and on the planet .

Regarding the features of the event, which will not be competitive in this first edition, Perugorria commented that they have a wonderful film exhibition, thanks to the help of Eleonora Insuntsa, director of Cinema Planeta, a green festivals company that includes more than 33 events in the world and contributed to the official the screening of winning films at these festivals in support of the birth of this First International Caribbean Film and Environment Festival on Isla de la Juventud.

“We will also have materials from Cuban creators who have directly or indirectly addressed the issue of the environment in their work, and as a “pearl”, a retrospective of all the works of Jan Arthus-Bertan, a French photographer who has devoted his whole life and his work to the topic environment, from which you will see wonderful films from a cinematic, poetic point of view and commitment to nature, climate change and all world-class aesthetic and musical beauty, thanks to his GoodPlanet Foundation and the French Embassy.

“We would like him to attend because, in addition to showing his films, we are going to present him with the Isla Verde Award, which will be the award for the winning films of the 2024 competition, since the event will take place every year. , lauro what will they get now
Deborah Andollo, who had a professional relationship with this island, where many world records have been set here, and the third prize goes to Eleonora Insulsa, for her work at festivals of this type and for helping to create this festival, in everything in choosing the films that they provided to us,” he commented.

Likewise, he announced that there would be a film cycle for youth and teenagers, a kind of environmental education workshop in which environmental films would be screened and discussed; Entrepreneurs from Havana and the island will be convened to create an entrepreneurship fair that will create an environment in the neighborhoods near the Caribe cinema, the festival’s main venue, and some scientists and biologists will promote dialogue and environmental education.

As additional information, the Isla Verde promoter revealed that the film screening will be extended to the communities of La Fe and La Demajagua via a mobile screen operated through the ICAI, an institution in conjunction with the Ministry of Culture that supported the project.

When asked why Isla de la Juventud, Perugorria explained that he felt the need to create this type of event when he filmed an environmental documentary in Los Jardines de la Reina and the first place that came to mind, was Isla de la Juventud, “because of its characteristics – the fifth largest island in the Caribbean, including Cuba – and because its main treasure is a natural reserve, its natural parks, which maybe not on any other because it’s the island with the least tourist exploitation, the least industrial exploitation, and it’s really a conservation sanctuary and we want to promote it, make it known to the Caribbean and the world, make it an example of conservation nature, educate young people about the importance of conserving and protecting this heritage, and help promote the talent and opportunity that Isla de la Juventud should be a symbol of conservation in the Caribbean.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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