Statement by the Cuban Institute of Music on the outrage suffered by Buena Fe

We challenge this attitude towards those who decide to bet on Cuban music. Pressure has been put on the public as well as on local programmers who, sometimes without much financial resources, retain the will and commitment to promote Cuban music abroad.
This attack cannot remain silent. This is a direct attack on Cuban music. These calls for a boycott and lynching in Miami have already been attacked and harmed by other artists residing on the island such as Los Van Van, Haila, Alexander Abreu, Pedrito Calvo, Paulito F.G. and others. Now a cultured and civilized Europe allows this to happen with complete impunity.
We are filing an official complaint against this unscrupulous media campaign, the victim of which is a provocateur. This demonstrates the existence of media terrorism against a group admired by the Cuban public who traveled abroad not for political propaganda, but to promote and protect the most authentic values ​​of modern Cuban music.
Buena Fe’s presence in Europe is supported by her work, the very one that has accompanied generations of young people for over 20 years. This is the same band that gave us one of the songs that became the soundtrack of this city during the covid-19 pandemic. He recently toured the country with other well-known artists, the album Morada received the Cubadisco Award as the highest recognition of the Cuban music industry and continues to be preferred by its public. Attack her, she is not innocent. This is part of the whole hostile policy towards Cuba, fabricated from Miami.
This is one of the many manifestations of hatred that we have been subjected to by the US. Added to the economic, commercial and financial blockade is a cultural blockade. Actions like these demonstrate a matrix that no longer remains in the realm of Cuban artists, but goes beyond other nations that come to the country to present themselves to the public. An example of this is what happened to the Spanish singer Rosalene, who participated in the Cubadisco Event and became the target of hate messages on her social media just for coming to sing in front of the Cuban public.
Cuban institutions respect those musicians who reside abroad. We maintain excellent working relationships with many of them, we accompany the projects they present to us, we encourage them to participate in our festivals and keep in touch with art education students. There are those who do not want this to happen. Therefore, the least we can ask is respect for the will of those who choose to remain in Cuba.
It is paradoxical that the same ones who support speeches about freedom and diversity of expression are those who do not respect the decisions of those who want to do their work in Cuba and defend it from here We have the right not to be cultural We have every right to protect Cuban music and its performers as a clear expression of the defense of our culture and national identity.

Source: Juventud Rebelde


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